Sarkisov Sergey Eduardovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Sarkisov Sergey Eduardovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Sarkisov Sergey Eduardovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Billionaire, entrepreneur, candidate of economic sciences, screenwriter, producer, film director, father of five children: all this is one person - Sergei Eduardovich Sarkisov. Most often, his name can be found when mentioning the insurance company RESO-Garantia, of which he is a co-owner.

Sarkisov Sergey Eduardovich: biography, career, personal life
Sarkisov Sergey Eduardovich: biography, career, personal life

Good start

Sergey Sarkisov is a man of luck. After all, his whole life is an example of how sometimes it is important to be in the right place at the right time, and just to be born in the “right” family. And Sergei Eduardovich was born in 1959 in Moscow in a family of employees of Vneshtorg. At the time, it was a pass to a better life. His father took part in the creation of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and was an associate and friend of Anastas Mikoyan (Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers). Father Sergei was often sent on foreign business trips, the family lived in Cuba for a long time. After school, Sarkisov entered MGIMO. But, despite his high position, Sergei was not ashamed to work not according to his “status”, and such diligence then helped him a lot in life. After graduation, the young man went to work at Ingosstrakh, where he made a career from an ordinary specialist to a representative of an insurance company in Cuba.

After the political events of 1991, Sarkisov received an offer to head the insurance company RESO (Russian-European Insurance Company), which was formed from the merger of several large partners. For ten years the company has grown, new investors have come, the board of directors has changed. And in 2004, Sergey Sarkisov took over as chairman of the board of directors. After Sergei Eduardovich tried to make a political career and tried to become a deputy of the Moscow City Duma. Later Sarkisov headed the Russian Union of Insurers.

Hobbies as a business

When the business was established, there was time for personal hobbies. And Sarkisov's hobby was cinema. He has completed courses for screenwriters and directors. The reason, of course, was also that the eldest son Nikolai, having received a medical education, abruptly decided to take up filmmaking. Together with his father, they organized a production company, which has already released several TV series ("Moon") and short films, produced the cartoon "Fixies. Big secret".

Looking back, I must say that Sergei Eduardovich and his wife Rusudan Makhashvili have five children. Rusudan is a doctor by training, currently he is the director of a medical company. The older children (son Nikolai and daughter Iya) followed in the footsteps of their mother and have a medical education, the middle son graduated from MGIMO, and the younger twin sons are growing up in the family.

The Sarkisov family is actively involved in charity work. This is possible due to the fact that today Sergei Eduardovich Sarkisov, with varying degrees of success, ranks from 53rd to 75th in the Forbes magazine rating (depending on the "crisis" years). And now Sarkisov's business is not only insurance, but also development projects, medical centers and even a non-state pension fund.

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