How To Organize A Trade Fair

How To Organize A Trade Fair
How To Organize A Trade Fair

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To organize a trade fair, you need to have some funds. You will need a certain amount for renting a room or a piece of land, as well as for advertising, without which it is very difficult to collect a sufficient number of participants. But these costs can be minimized by involving government agencies in the organization.

How to organize a trade fair
How to organize a trade fair


Step 1

Before you start organizing a trade fair, make an event plan. You will need it to apply for permission from the authorities and when looking for sponsors.

Step 2

With a plan and an approximate budget, go to the local council of the area of ​​interest for permission to hold the event Write a letter to the name of the head of the municipality in advance and wait for the invitation. Usually, approval is given without problems. The authorities are interested in consumer promotions that attract the attention of residents. Especially if they are timed to the day of the city or district.

Step 3

In addition to getting permission, try to get support from the authorities. How can they help? First, allocate a room or a piece of land for free. Most likely, they will do this if the exhibition-fair is planned not only for the sale of goods, but contests and lotteries for visitors. In addition, the council can be made one of the sponsors of the event by expressing gratitude to them in the media and on advertising posters prepared for the fair. Secondly, officials can call on outlets to participate in the action. And the authorities are unlikely to be refused.

Step 4

Prepare promotional materials - posters, advertisements, flyers. If the exhibition-fair is small, it will be enough to notify the residents of the surrounding houses. If you are planning a mass event, you will have to spend money on advertising on television and radio.

Step 5

Submit modules inviting to participate in the fair in specialized publications. This must be done at least three months before the event. This will allow all companies interested in participating to contact you in time to discuss the details.

Step 6

Pay special attention to organizing the opening of the trade fair. Agree with the decorators to decorate the venue. Invite animators and promoters. Prepare contests for visitors. Invite journalists and famous people. Organize the work so that by the time of the opening, all exhibitors are in their places and prepare to receive visitors.

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