How To Photograph Jewelry

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How To Photograph Jewelry
How To Photograph Jewelry

Video: How To Photograph Jewelry

Video: How To Photograph Jewelry
Video: How to Photograph Rings | Jewelry Photography Tips 2023, September

How to photograph small objects that can be difficult to see with the ordinary eye, with the naked lens. For example, a dewdrop, a microcircuit, an ant or a miniature pendant … To do this, photographers use a special genre of photography - macro photography. It is believed that shooting small objects (stationary) is best done in a studio. If it is not possible to rent a studio, organize a studio at home.

How to photograph jewelry
How to photograph jewelry

It is necessary

  • camera,
  • at least two light sources,
  • table,
  • the cloth,
  • model,
  • decorations,
  • color filters,
  • macro lens


Step 1

Set up a table on which you will place the decorations you intend to photograph. You can place them on a beautiful piece of fabric, or on a silk pillow, or on a special glass jewelry stand. Make sure that the background color is not too colorful, otherwise the decoration will be lost in the picture. Match the background with contrast to highlight the value of the earrings, pendant, or ring that you intend to remove. If the jewelry is dominated by light shades (it is made of white metal, with light stones), place it on a black velvet or silk pillow, you will see how beneficial it will look.

Step 2

Install lighting. Use the appliances that you have. It is not necessary to have a full set of professional lighting to take beautiful pictures of jewelry. You can use one or two light sources, it is important how you install them. Use one for general light, you can put special color filters on it (translucent plates of bright colors that are worn on a lighting fixture). Let the fill light have a color tint. Install the second device in the immediate vicinity of the subject. Create a nice highlighting light. To do this, close the curtains on the lighting fixture so that the light falls on the jewelry partially. So the decoration will sparkle in the light.

Step 3

Move your camera lens as close to your subject as possible. It is best to photograph decorations in macro mode (“macro” in Greek means “large”). Macro photography will allow you to reveal all the advantages of the object you are shooting, to make out the texture of the decoration, to convey the play of light in its ornaments. You can use special magnifying lenses to take extra-large pictures. These lenses can be purchased at specialized photo shops or purchased online. If you are shooting with a DSLR camera, you can purchase or rent a dedicated macro lens. Keep focus, use manual mode. A “sharp” small subject against a blurry background will look very beneficial.