How To Choose Insurance

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How To Choose Insurance
How To Choose Insurance

Video: How To Choose Insurance

Video: How To Choose Insurance
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Insurance companies offer their clients various insurance programs, including for children from birth to 15 years old. The cost, as well as the number of services provided, vary. Before concluding an insurance contract, evaluate what types of medical care are included in the programs, visit the local clinic to which you want to assign the child, and also pay attention to the reputation of the insurance company. After all, it is from her that the medical institution will receive funds.

How to choose insurance
How to choose insurance


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Children from 1 year old should be examined by many specialists, therefore, before choosing an insurance program, pay attention to whether a neurologist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist and surgeon work in the clinic.

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Insurance companies also offer to attach a child to a clinic with vaccinations and home care by specialists, which is an undoubted advantage, because during seasonal epidemics, the likelihood of infecting a baby increases significantly. When this clause is included in the insurance contract, the amount of the insurance premium increases. The cost of various insurance programs for children under 1 year old in Moscow ranges between 30,000 and 100,000 rubles.

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Insurance programs for children over a year old include polyclinic services, dental, emergency medical care, standard vaccinations and home visits. As for the cost of servicing children over 1 year old, it fluctuates between 20,000 and 80,000 rubles per year.

Step 4

The older the child, the, as a rule, for a lower amount he is served in the clinic. The price in this case is an indicator of quality, because in those clinics where the cost of insurance is lower, many specialists often take children for a fee. Choose from the insurance programs offered to you the one that provides the attachment of your child to a medical institution known to you and preferably near your place of work or home.

Step 5

In addition to medical insurance programs for children, you should also familiarize yourself with offers for accident insurance. This includes insurance against fractures, dislocations, damage to internal organs and soft tissues, burns. After all, if your child is not prone to illness, it will be enough to insure him against accidents. The cost of such insurance ranges from 800-1000 rubles per year, depending on the list of risks in the contract, that is, it increases if the baby is actively involved in contact and mobile sports.

Step 6

If your child goes to summer camp in the summer, an accident insurance contract can be concluded for this period. Insurance companies offer such programs where there are additional risks of hepatitis, encephalitis, food poisoning. Explain to the kid why the policy is needed, and also warn the person responsible for the children about the presence of the insurance contract.

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