How To Distinguish A Maniac

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How To Distinguish A Maniac
How To Distinguish A Maniac

Video: How To Distinguish A Maniac

Video: How To Distinguish A Maniac
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It can be difficult even for experienced criminologists to recognize a maniac. An example of this is the case of A. Chikatilo, who became famous throughout the country, a serial killer who has been operating with impunity on the territory of Rostov and other regions for more than ten years in a row. However, being too careful when dealing with suspicious people can sometimes be life-saving.

How to distinguish a maniac
How to distinguish a maniac


Step 1

Please note that the stereotype of "brutal" or any other special appearance of a maniac is a delusion. Such a person may seem like a completely attractive and intelligent man. So an embittered look and a shaved head are far from being the main indicators that there is a maniac in front of you.

Step 2

If a stranger (casual acquaintance) to you is too persistent in his desires, never follow his lead. Pay attention to any suspicious "pitfalls" in his speech. For example, he may call you somewhere to go with him, without skimping on various promises. Say a firm no and watch his reaction. As a rule, maniacs are sorry to spend too much time on their potential victim and are afraid to draw too much attention to themselves.

Step 3

If you notice in a person's actions a certain ingenuity, attempts to manipulate you, nervousness, fussiness - do not give in to his persuasion. Firmly express your reluctance to communicate further and go your own, better-lit and crowded road.

Step 4

If you have any suspicions, arrange a kind of "test drive". Do not be afraid to lie, sometimes it is vital. Say, for example, that in 5 minutes your older brother (or a man - a work colleague) will come, that you want your interlocutor to get to know him. Observe the person's reaction. As a rule, people with bad intentions do not crave such meetings and leave in search of a more accommodating victim.

Step 5

Call (or pretend to call) in the presence of a suspicious person to one of your relatives or acquaintances, tell loudly (preferably so that others can hear) where you are and start describing the signs of your new acquaintance. For example: “Sasha, I met a great guy, so wow, tall. He said that his name was Andrey … No, not bald, brown-haired, with such a pleasant timbre of voice … "and so on. Watch the reaction of this person carefully: if he tries to retreat immediately, your distrust of him was entirely justified.

Step 6

Pay attention to any inconsistencies in the person's story, appearance, or anything else. For example, he may tell you that he is an experienced hunter, invite you to show you marvelous beautiful places located ten minutes' walk from the city, say that he himself has just returned from a hunt … But if his appearance proves the opposite (clean clothes and shoes, not a hunting bag, the smell of cologne, not a fire, etc.), trust your intuition, and not the inspired stories of a stranger. Although, in any case, even if the appearance matches the verbally presented image (and maniacs often carefully rehearse their role in advance), a sane person should not agree to such invitations.

Step 7

Do not make casual acquaintances on the street, soberly evaluate and in every way try to get away from a new acquaintance that annoys you, observe basic rules of personal safety and never say "okay", "good", "yes" against your will.

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