How To Behave On The Railway

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How To Behave On The Railway
How To Behave On The Railway

Video: How To Behave On The Railway

Video: How To Behave On The Railway
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Traveling is often risky. The railroad is no exception. To protect yourself and other passengers, you must strictly follow the rules of conduct in this high-risk area.

How to behave on the railway
How to behave on the railway


Step 1

Check out the current rules of safe behavior on this type of transport if you are going to travel. Sometimes carelessness and forgetfulness lead to the most dire consequences.

Step 2

Railway workers constantly carry out activities that are designed to ensure the safety of movement of citizens. Always pay attention to reminders, signs, special barriers and signs.

Step 3

Never walk on train tracks. The braking distance of the train varies from 33 to 1000 m. Even the most experienced train driver will not be able to stop the train in those few moments that could cost you your life. Cross the tracks only in strictly defined places, perpendicular to the rails. To avoid slipping or falling, do not step on them. Avoid shooters. It is impossible for an uninformed person to predict the mode of their work.

Step 4

Do not cross paths in poor visibility. Be especially careful when crossing the track near tunnels and bends. Also, be vigilant when crossing oncoming paths after the train has passed: beware of oncoming trains. Wait until the tail car is hidden.

Step 5

Sometimes you can observe how people move between the paths, which is absolutely impossible to do. Reacting to the oncoming train, a person may not hear the warning signals of the passing train. In addition, it is dangerous to be between two moving trains. The force of the air flow reaches 16 tons, which can lead to an accident.

Step 6

Please note that a stationary carriage can start moving on the railway at any time. In no case do not approach it at a distance of less than 5 m, do not climb under the train.

Step 7

Strictly observe the rules of conduct on the territory of railway stations, violation of which is life-threatening.

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