What Was Fashionable In The 60s

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What Was Fashionable In The 60s
What Was Fashionable In The 60s

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At any time, a person has a desire to look good. This applies to hairstyles, clothes, overall look. Naturally, each time period leaves its mark on fashion trends. The 60s were remembered for their original silhouettes, and many are still adherents of this style.

60s style
60s style

Fashion for shoes

The 60s saw the peak of the popularity of stiletto heels - elegant women's shoes with high thin heels. It should be noted that at the base, they could reach 5x5 and 6x6 millimeters. Walking on high heels without special skills was rather inconvenient: they got stuck on the steps of the subway, got bogged down in the asphalt, and fell into the slots of the storm grates. However, women persistently continued to choose just such shoes.

The image was quite common, including a narrow skirt, a black tight sweater and a stiletto heel, and this was also the way they went in winter, throwing a fur coat or coat over it. It should be noted that the hairpin is considered the first casualty of fashion, which women decided voluntarily. Until now, the hairpin is among the top ten sustainable fashion accents.

Clothing preferences

In the 60s, everything artificial was popular, this also applies to wardrobe items. For example, every fashionista had lycra, nylon, crimplen and dralon in her wardrobe. This is due to the peculiarities of such fabrics: they do not wrinkle, they are perfectly cleaned and do not deform during washing, and they are also cheap.

Since 1962, a bologna raincoat has appeared on store shelves. He won over consumers by the fact that when folded it took up little space. It was mainly worn in the summer when it rains.

In those days, fake fur became popular, and natural fur seemed undemocratic and boring. Fur coats, hats and collars are massively produced. Some of the men wore faux-karakul hats. This trend quickly ended.

By 1964, nylon shirts were common. The males appreciated them for their durability and practical appearance. The average man of the time wore dark pipe trousers paired with a white shirt and sleek hairstyle.

Hairstyle fashion

Fashion-conscious women in the early 60s received a new entertainment at their disposal - the boom in dyed hair began. Even some men have experienced the effects of paint. To obtain chestnut shades at home, henna and basma were mixed, since there was no talk of specialized serial paints at the production level yet. For dark curls, more basma was added, for red ones - henna.

Potential blondes dyed their hair with onion peel and hydrogen peroxide. It was from that time that bright blondes were jokingly called perhydrous. Representatives of the older generation rinsed their heads with blue-tinted water to eliminate gray hair. Finally, in the late 60s, real hair dye and tint creams appeared.

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