Sorokin Sergey Borisovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Sorokin Sergey Borisovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Sorokin Sergey Borisovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Sorokin Sergey Borisovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Sorokin Sergey Borisovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Sergei Sorokin is a talented Russian actor with excellent vocal abilities. Having received a professional education, Sergei played for several years on theatrical stages of the city on the Neva, then moved to the capital, where he plunged headlong into creative activity.

Sergey Borisovich Sorokin
Sergey Borisovich Sorokin

From the biography of Sergei Borisovich Sorokin

The future Russian singer and actor was born in the city of Dzhambul (Kazakhstan) on June 13, 1982. From childhood, Sergei showed creative inclinations and by the end of school he had already decided on his future. Sergei received his education at the Academy of Theater Arts of St. Petersburg, studied at the course of A. Petrov, choosing the direction of "artist of musical theater".

In 2004 Sorokin became a soloist of the Zazerkalye theater in St. Petersburg. Here in four years he played in most productions. The most significant roles of the actor: Herald and Shaman in the musical "Robinson Crusoe", Pierrot in the play "Children's Album", the Wolf in the show "Peter and the Wolf", Bilbo Baggins in the famous musical Lvovich "The Hobbit", Rinucci in the opera "Gianni Schicchi", Prince Edward in the popular opera The Prince and the Pauper, Gonsalve in The Spanish Hour. The image of Mima, created by him, brought particular popularity to Sorokin.

In 2008, at the invitation of the Rachmaninov Society of St. Petersburg, Sorokin performed the role of Borso in the opera Monna Vanna.

Career in Moscow

Sergey Sorokin also had a chance to work in the capital's theaters. He masterfully played the role of Dindon in the production of Beauty and the Beast, the King in the musical Bremen Town Musicians, and the Behemoth Cat in the opera The Master and Margarita, staged at the Moscow Children's Variety Theater.

Sorokin took part in a show called "Broadway Star" directed by Igor Portnoy and in the opera show Angels. The actor became a member of the troupe of the Moscow Theater of Musical, which is directed by M. Shvydkoy.

Since 2013, the actor has been serving at the Moon Theater (Zamoskovrechye). Sergey Borisovich conducts a rich concert activity. His repertoire includes works written for tenor and countertenor, including early music.

Sorokin tried his hand at the responsible role of director and producer by staging the show "Bar of Broken Hearts". He also became the author of the idea, the director of the production and the director of the theatrical series "House 19/07", created in an immersive format. This production opened a new and non-standard theater space in the capital of Russia. In this performance, Sergei Borisovich played one of the central roles.

Over the years, the actor and singer collaborated with the production company Masquerade, Cabaret Montmartre, the production center Triumph, the Musical Comedy Theater, and the Vienna United Theaters.

Creativity awards

Sorokin is a laureate of international competitions "Angel of Hope" (2005), "Hopes, Talents, Masters" (2005), "Singing Mask" (2006), "Romance Quivering Sounds" (2005).

In May 2011, Sergei Sorokin was awarded the Young Talent of Russia award, as well as a diploma for his contribution to the development of musical theater in Russia.

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