How To Write A Complaint To The Clinic

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How To Write A Complaint To The Clinic
How To Write A Complaint To The Clinic

Video: How To Write A Complaint To The Clinic

Video: How To Write A Complaint To The Clinic
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Health care is truly a sore subject. The quality of medical care, as well as the conditions of service for citizens, the qualifications of doctors do not always satisfy patients. Not all victims of rudeness or inability to timely get to the right specialist have the courage to defend their rights. But this must be done. The first step may be to file a complaint against a healthcare facility.

How to write a complaint to the clinic
How to write a complaint to the clinic

It is necessary

  • - a computer with a text editor;
  • - a policy of compulsory or additional medical insurance;
  • - A4 paper;
  • - Printer;
  • - the envelope;
  • - a pen.


Step 1

Consider whether you are dissatisfied with the work of an individual doctor or clinic as a whole. In the first case, it makes sense to first complain to the head of the outpatient care department, then to the head physician. If this does not work, write a complaint against the hospital itself.

Step 2

Decide where is the best place to file your complaint. You can complain about a medical institution to a district or city department, an industry regional committee, or directly to the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of Russia. In some cities, polyclinics are run by the Federal Biomedical Agency. Local governments in these cases have no influence on the heads of medical institutions, so it makes sense to complain directly to the FMBA. In any case, contacting an insurance company will be effective.

Step 3

Formulate what exactly does not suit you in the work of the polyclinic. Regarding the state of the building or the conditions in which the doctors work, the lack of specialists, it makes sense to contact the departmental structures or Roszdravnadzor. If you received poor quality assistance or tried to take money for something that should be provided free of charge, file a complaint with the insurance company. You can simultaneously send an appeal to all three structures.

Step 4

In the upper right corner of your complaint, indicate to which official and to which institution you are sending it. Below write your last name, first name, patronymic, postal address along with postal code, contact phone number and e-mail address. It is better to give the phone a work or mobile phone. Citizens' applications are considered by officials during working hours. If you do not live where you are registered, please include both addresses with appropriate remarks.

Step 5

Step back a little from the "cap", write the name of the document, and a little below - the work of which medical institution or doctor you will appeal. State the essence of your claims. If we are talking about the rudeness of the clinic staff or the inability to get to the doctor because of the long queue, write the date of the incident. In your complaint about being charged for free services, indicate which clauses of your health insurance contract were violated. In each state polyclinic in a prominent place there should be a list of services that are provided under the compulsory medical insurance policy. The absence of such a list in itself is a reason for contacting the insurance company, Roszdravnadzor, and even the prosecutor's office. Express your thoughts clearly, understandably and without unnecessary emotions.

Step 6

After you describe the situation in the clinic, state what you are asking the addressee. The insurance company or Roszdravnadzor can be offered the reliability of the facts that you gave, as well as the work of the clinic as a whole. Local governments can help the hospital cope with repair or community problems. You can ask the addressee to oblige the clinic to eliminate violations of your rights, if any. The request for the application of administrative measures is also quite appropriate.

Step 7

There are several ways to send a complaint. It is better to take it personally to the municipal health department or to the local insurance office and register it with the secretary or with the general administration department. Leave a copy for yourself. By the number on the request, you can track the movement of the document. Send your complaint to the regional or federal agency by registered mail with notification. You can also send a complaint by e-mail or via the Internet reception.

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