How To Write A Complaint To The Complaint Book

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How To Write A Complaint To The Complaint Book
How To Write A Complaint To The Complaint Book

You were sold a low-quality product, cheated in a restaurant, and even naughty at the same time. No need to scandalize and sort things out. But you shouldn't swallow the insult in silence either. Become more civilized - write all your complaints in the complaint book. It is possible that the management of the company that offended you will find a way to apologize to you. Well, or at least improve the service of your establishment, which is also important.

How to write a complaint to the complaint book
How to write a complaint to the complaint book


Step 1

First of all, remember - you have every right to write down any of your claims in the complaint book, no matter how insignificant it may be. Too loud music in a restaurant, shouting of cashiers in the sales area, inappropriate jokes of a security guard in a car dealership deserve to be complained about. Well, serious offenses like short-cuts, rudeness or openly poor service should be noted without fail.

Step 2

The complaint book is usually kept by the administrator or in the service department. You are obliged to provide it on demand. And you, for your part, have the right not to explain to the administrator or other employees what exactly you are planning to write. Do not be surprised if the store or salon asks you exactly who you want to complain about. This is not an idle curiosity - perhaps the cleaning service or security is related to a completely different legal entity and, accordingly, they should have their own complaint book.

Step 3

Flip through the book before you read it and you will understand how this enterprise deals with customer complaints. According to the rules for drawing up a complaint book, each complaint must be followed by a reaction - in a special field the responsible person of the enterprise enters the measures taken on the complaint received, and certifies this with his signature. The absence of comments from the representatives of the enterprise is a violation on their part. You have every right to indicate this to the administrator. Ask if the business intends to respond to your complaint.

Step 4

State your grievance on the dedicated page. If you want to complain about a specific employee, indicate his title and surname. If it is not indicated on the name badge, check the last name with the employee or administrator. Remember - they have no right to obstruct you and hide the names of employees. If it was not possible to find out the name of the guilty person, mark this in a separate line in your complaint.

Step 5

You can subscribe or leave the complaint anonymous. It is optional to fill in the “Home address” column. But if you want the company management to inform you about the results of your claim or to apologize in person, please indicate your home or email address and your phone number.

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