How To Write A Response To A Complaint

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How To Write A Response To A Complaint
How To Write A Response To A Complaint

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It is customary to draw up claims against organizations and their employees in the form of a complaint, this is a kind of statement describing the situation and conditions under which the applicant's rights were violated or infringed, as well as the requirement to take action against the one who committed this violation. The response to the complaint must be written competently from a legal point of view. Framing your complaint response correctly will help protect your interests.

How to write a response to a complaint
How to write a response to a complaint


Step 1

First, when you receive a complaint, accept it and register it, be sure to indicate the date of receipt, the name and position of the person who received it. Give the complainant a copy of the complaint itself, marked and accepted. Please note that even if you do not accept the claim, the claimant can simply send it to you by certified mail with a receipt acknowledgment. In principle, this will be enough to be considered that you have received the claim.

Step 2

When drafting a response to a grievance, prepare written evidence that will support your position. Also reconstruct the chronological order of the events mentioned in the claim. Subsequently, your response to the complaint can be used in court as proof of your position, so try to resolve the issue in a peaceful way, and offer the client some kind of compensation in response to the complaint. If the issue is not resolved and will be referred to the court, then your position can positively influence the court's decision. Usually, the time frame for responding to a claim is set at the conclusion of the contract. It is your responsibility, as the recipient of the claim, to receive, review and respond in writing within this timeframe.

Step 3

In response to a complaint, indicate all the information necessary for this document, namely:

write the name of the company, registration details, and the addresses of the sender and recipient of the complaint.

Step 4

State the nature of the complaint. If the claim was fully or partially satisfied, then indicate the amount of compensation, as well as the period and method of compensation.

Step 5

If you refused to satisfy the complaint, indicate the reasons for the refusal, referring to certain legal documents, articles of the law. Be sure to include all documents accompanying your complaint response.

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