How To Get A Ministerial Diploma

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How To Get A Ministerial Diploma
How To Get A Ministerial Diploma

Video: How To Get A Ministerial Diploma

Video: How To Get A Ministerial Diploma
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The list of domestic awards for achievements in work is endlessly long. The awards can be given to employees of various fields of activity. The most common award is a ministerial diploma. If you are an employer, then reward worthy workers for conscientious work.

How to get a ministerial diploma
How to get a ministerial diploma


Step 1

Choose from among your employees people who have done their job in good faith for a long time and are worthy of being awarded a ministerial diploma. They should have a long track record, a special contribution to the development of resources and technologies of the enterprise and other successes, there should be no disciplinary violations and penalties.

Step 2

Conduct a team meeting at which you will be presented with candidates for the presentation of the ministerial diploma. Team members should discuss these candidates, make their proposals and adjustments. Be sure to keep minutes of this meeting.

Step 3

The final decision must be made by you and the highest level of the organization. Draw up a ministerial letter of application for the person approved by the collective assembly and submit it to local government authorities. From here, the petition will be sent for agreement with the authorized representative of the president.

Step 4

Attach to the application a bonus sheet filled in according to the form, the minutes of the meeting of team members, certificates from the tax office about the absence of employer's debt to the budget, a certificate of the absence of wage arrears to employees, a characteristic for the candidate in obtaining a ministerial diploma.

Step 5

Please note that consideration of your application is possible no longer than six months from the moment of making a decision on it at a meeting of the collective.

Step 6

In the award sheet, fill in the boxes correctly in full compliance with the requirements of the law. Write all personal data of the candidate in full without abbreviations (as in the passport); formulate the correct title of the position; also write without abbreviations gender and place of birth, education and achievements.

Step 7

Carry out the presentation of the ministerial diploma in a solemn atmosphere in front of all members of the team.

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