How To Write A Statement Of Claim

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How To Write A Statement Of Claim
How To Write A Statement Of Claim

Video: How To Write A Statement Of Claim

Video: How To Write A Statement Of Claim
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A claim statement is a written document that is drawn up by a consumer (for example, a buyer) and sent to the manufacturer of the product to which there are claims, or to the head of the outlet where the defective product was purchased. Despite the fact that the application-claim is considered a document of an arbitrary sample, it is worth adhering to certain rules in filling it out.

How to write a statement of claim
How to write a statement of claim


Step 1

Write in the header of the letter to whom you are sending your claim. It is advisable to indicate the full name and position of the head, as well as the name of the organization and its legal address. If you do not know these data, write just the word "Claim", without an introductory part.

Step 2

Describe the situation in a business-like manner, without the use of depreciated vocabulary and preferably without unnecessary emotions. Be sure to include facts. For example: "On such and such a date in your store, I purchased such and such a product at such and such a price." State what exactly the product did not suit you.

Step 3

After describing the problem with the product, refer to the Consumer Protection Law. As a rule, Article 29 of this law is indicated in the application-claim, which refers to the consumer's right to terminate the purchase and sale agreement or the provision of services.

Step 4

Complete the statement with your requirements, for example: "I ask you to return the money paid under the sales contract in the amount of such and such an amount." If you intend to defend your rights in court, write about it so that the potential defendant is warned.

Step 5

Attach all relevant documents you have to your complaint statement. For example, a warranty card, a cashier's check, a sales contract. Use copies, keep the originals.

Step 6

At the end of the letter, indicate your details: full name, contact phone number. Sign the statement of claim with a ballpoint pen and make two copies. On one copy, ask the person who will accept your claim to sign. Save the signed statement until further investigation.

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