How To Get Archived Help

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How To Get Archived Help
How To Get Archived Help

Video: How To Get Archived Help

Video: How To Get Archived Help
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Archival certificate is a document drawn up by the archive on its own form and containing the information necessary for the requesting person, indicating the codes and names of documents, sheet numbers on the basis of which it was drawn up.

How to get archived help
How to get archived help


Step 1

To obtain an archived reference, you must submit a request for the information you need. Requests may contain a request for information on a specific topic, fact, problem (thematic requests). Genealogical inquiries, inquiries related to the establishment of kinship, inquiries of a social and legal nature are also possible.

Step 2

If you need archival help, make a request to the archive. Indicate in the request your name, patronymic and surname, postal address of the place of residence, phone number, e-mail address (if any), the date of the request.

Step 3

State the essence of the question in the application, indicate the information necessary for the execution of the request, indicate in what form you want to receive the answer (archive reference). The selection of information for the implementation of archival search is the responsibility of the applicant, i.e. on you. You must indicate all the information you know on the issue of interest to you.

Step 4

When submitting your request, you must show your identity document, in this case your passport.

Step 5

Make sure that the information and documents you provide (in 1 copy) are notarized.

You can submit a request for an archive certificate personally to a consultant in the archive, send it by registered mail or make a request via the Internet to the archive's website. Your request must be processed within 30 days, after which you must receive the necessary certificate and pay for the archive services, since all services of municipal enterprises are paid.

Step 6

You have to contact the archive for various reasons: to collect information for assigning a pension, to collect certificates for inheritance, to collect data on deceased or existing relatives, to find out the history of the house, street, etc.

Step 7

The archive is a municipal enterprise and all the rules of operation of municipal enterprises for the provision of services to the population apply to it. Based on the submitted requests, the archive issues archival certificates, archival copies, archive extract, information letter, etc.

Step 8

In accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, any citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign citizens, stateless persons and legal entities, can apply to the archive.

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