How To Recognize A Family As Poor

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How To Recognize A Family As Poor
How To Recognize A Family As Poor

Video: How To Recognize A Family As Poor

Video: How To Recognize A Family As Poor
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Calculate your income if you want your family to be classified as poor in order to receive social benefits and payments, take a housing subsidy or queue up for an apartment.

How to recognize a family as poor
How to recognize a family as poor

It is necessary

  • - documents proving your identity and the identity of your family members
  • - income statements
  • - work books
  • - pension certificates


Step 1

Contact the city administration (Department of Social Protection) and find out the size of the subsistence level, which is set for this month or quarter. In some regions, you will also need information on the average cost of living for the last 24 months.

Step 2

If you want to qualify for social benefits, first find out what the average per capita income of your family members (including minors and disabled citizens) is equal to. If it is below the subsistence level in your area, then you can start collecting documents for receiving social benefits. You will need documents proving the identity of your family members, income certificates, work books, pension certificates, etc. Unemployed citizens will be required to present a certificate from the employment service. Contact the Department of Human Services to obtain a certificate of recognition of your family as poor.

Step 3

If you need a subsidy for utility bills, you will need to provide all documents for the apartment, an extract from the house book and a certificate of family composition. You will also need receipts for payment of utilities for the last month, certificates confirming benefits for housing payments (if any), income certificates and identity documents. Contact the Department of Social Welfare for a subsidy.

Step 4

In order to register in the queue for housing, you should take into account not only the average per capita family income. Find out how many square meters of living space are available in your area per person. In addition, you will need to submit to the administration the BTI passport for the existing apartment, all documents confirming the ownership of the apartment, house, land and means of transport (if any). The larger the area of the existing living space and its cost (the price of a car, garage, etc.), the lower your real per capita income should be. Otherwise, your family will not be recognized as poor.

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