Catherine Zeta-Jones: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life

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Catherine Zeta-Jones: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life
Catherine Zeta-Jones: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life

Video: Catherine Zeta-Jones: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life

Video: Catherine Zeta-Jones: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life
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Catherine Zeta-Jones is a popular and undoubtedly talented actress. Her name was given in honor of her mother's grandmother, and part of the surname Zeta - her father's grandmother. Correctly the name of the girl reads "Zita-Jones", only everyone is already familiar with the familiar Zeta-Jones.

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones
Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones


An attractive talent was born in 1969. Since childhood, the baby has been an active child. She danced, loved to sing, loved to pose in front of the cameras. She surprised her family by staging shows right in the home kitchen. And at the age of 4, the baby began to demonstrate obvious talent to the public. In general, few had any doubts that a person is growing creative.

At the age of 10, the girl had her first acting debut in a theater production. Then she began to offer other roles in theaters.

The girl dreamed of becoming an actress so much that she graduated from school at the age of 15 - she was allowed to receive a certificate a year before the due date.


In London, the girl began to achieve success. At first it was a cameo role in 42nd Street. It was only later that the girl was offered to become a replacement for the main character. After that, Catherine got a role in Scheherazade.

The girl worked hard and this led to the role of Marietta Larkin ("Lovely Buds of May"). The television series was rated and talked about Katherine a lot then.

In the USA, the girl's initial work was "Christopher Columbus: Discovery" (a short short film), a series about a young Indiana Jones. She had the main role in "Titanic". Not in a popular film, but in an American TV series that was filmed before the release of Spielberg's blockbuster. After that, there was a very successful role in The Mask of Zorro.

Catherine's work at Chicago was called impeccable. The actress sang beautifully, danced, in general, gave herself up to the role to the fullest, although she was at that time in the early stages of pregnancy. The actress even decided then on a short haircut, which the viewers saw that she was completely devoted to the role and was not afraid of experiments. For this film, the actress received the long-awaited award - "Oscar".

Personal life

Michael Douglas attended the premiere of The Mask of Zorro, he liked the actress so much, he wanted to charm her. The meeting was arranged by Antonio Banderas. A month later, Douglas divorced his wife, offered to marry Catherine. And after a while the girl agreed despite the difference in age - 25 years. It is worth noting that the ring was not easy, and the cost was two million dollars.

In 2000, the girl had a child - Dylan. And four months after this event, the couple legalized the relationship.

Three years later, a second child was born, but Catherine does not leave her acting career. With her, the films "Unbearable Cruelty", "Ocean's 12", "Taste of Life" are released. Don't forget about The Legend of Zorro.

2010 was a difficult year for the couple. Michael was diagnosed with throat cancer. Catherine was even more shocked than her husband. She fell into deep depression and was forced to go to the clinic for treatment. But, fortunately, the actor was on the mend. At the moment, they are together and are happily married, raising a fairly adult son and daughter.

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