Panina Elena Vladimirovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Panina Elena Vladimirovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Panina Elena Vladimirovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Panina Elena Vladimirovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Panina Elena Vladimirovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Elena Panina's activities at any period of her career were aimed at forming stable structures of the so-called civil society. Panina is a prominent specialist in the field of economics. She stubbornly promoted in the renewed Russia the principles of zemstvo self-government, which had arisen a century and a half ago. More than once, Elena Vladimirovna became a member of the national parliament.

Elena Vladimirovna Panina
Elena Vladimirovna Panina

From the biography of the politician

E. Panina was born on April 29, 1948. Her small homeland is the Smolensk region. Lena's parents were teachers. At the end of the ten-year period, she chose the specialty of an economist, becoming a student at the capital's financial institute, from which the girl left in 1970. Later she studied at a commercial school created at the Academy of Foreign Trade. Elena Vladimirovna has a Doctor of Science degree. Panina is an academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, professor.

E. Panina's career path was decided by distribution after graduation: a young economist with a solid education was offered to work as an auditor in the department of the USSR Finance Ministry. The Smolensk region becomes Elena Vladimirovna's sphere of responsibility, then she worked in the capital region. And then Panina transferred to the construction industry, which is not easy even for an experienced economist.

With the beginning of the perestroika processes, Elena Vladimirovna began to build a career along the party line. She is elected secretary of the Lublin regional party committee. Panina was twice a deputy of the local council of deputies.

The next step in her career was the position of the head of the socio-economic unit in the capital's city party committee, where Panina was transferred in 1988. Three years have passed. And Elena Vladimirovna headed one of the directorates of the country's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and then began to lead the Center for Business Projects. Panina's activities reached the international level.

Career after the collapse of the Land of the Soviets

After the restoration of the bourgeois order in the country, E. Panina continued active social and political activities. She spent a lot of time participating in the formation of the national union of industrialists and entrepreneurs, becoming the vice president of the association.

Panina participated in the work of the structure, which received the name of the Constitutional Conference; it was engaged in the development of the basic law of the country. She ardently defended the principle of unconditional equality of the subjects of the Russian Federation, advocated the principles of local self-government, which became the foundation of the state structure even in the distant times of the reign of Tsar Alexander II.

After the end of the October 1993 crisis, the system of Soviet power in Russia in fact ceased to exist. Since that time Panina has been involved in the work on the formation of the zemstvo movement, seeing in it the basis of self-government. Panina included educational programs and charitable projects in a wide range of her classes.

In 1997, Panina entered the country's parliament, becoming a representative of the People Power group. Elena Vladimirovna was at the origins of the formation of the United Industrial Party, which she headed in 2002. Later, this political association merged into the structure of "United Russia". Panina in the party in power performed control and audit functions.

E. Panina's activities in the field of lawmaking in parliament were carried out from 1997 to 2019. From the pen of the politician and economist, a number of works were published on the structure of the state, social and labor relations.

Elena Vladimirovna is in a second marriage, she raised a daughter. Panina's husband is the owner of several pharmaceutical companies.

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