Elena Petrova: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Elena Petrova: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Elena Petrova: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Elena Petrova: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: Elena Petrova: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Video: Elena Petrova artist 2023, December

“I was at home when I was left without the Internet. It was too late, and the street was dark and muddy. This is how it all began. I started writing science fiction. Spontaneously , - this is how the modern Russian writer Elena Petrova told about the start of her writing career in one of her interviews.

Elena Petrova: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Elena Petrova: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Biography and career

The future writer was born on March 23, 1977. Hometown - Tver.

Parents have been celebrating creativity in it since childhood. So, in addition to the regular school, she also attended art. She was interested in everything, she tried herself in sewing courses, studied computer and then accounting courses. Regarding tailoring as a mistaken hobby, she wrote in her blog: "A couple of years of life down the drain!"

Then she went to study as a secretary, having defended her diploma in this profession. Then I studied at the university - the Modern Humanitarian Institute. The specialty received in it is an economist.

During her studies, Elena tried herself in different professions, taking on any part-time job. She worked as a secretary, and a dealer in a casino, and an operator in a taxi company, and a cashier in a store. As she herself called, this "crazy kaleidoscope of professions" became an excellent foundation for getting to know different types of personalities.

With a bit of humor inherent in her, the girl notes: "Since then I have turned into a complete cynic and received an honorary order from the Brotherhood of Blase." She adds that she usually hides these "merits" by showing herself as "nice and fluffy."

After graduating from high school, Petrova got a job as an accountant. But this did not prevent her from sitting down at her desk again and getting a second higher education, now in the creative field - by the profession of a designer. She humorously explains her act by the complete absence of logic: "Logic has never slept in my chaotic life."


Elena Petrova is the fictitious name of the writer, the real name is quite similar - Petrochenko Elena Aleksandrovna. And here the girl makes fun of her readers with humor, choosing a pseudonym in honor of her own heroine of the published fantasy book Lane.

In 2007, this work was published and quickly gained fame. The book was highly appreciated by fans of the comic fantasy genre. Over the following decades, this first book was reprinted many times.

The continuation of the story also did not lie on the shelves of bookstores. In 2008, the sequel book “Become a demiurge” was published. The third book of the novel "Make a Choice" appeared in print in 2015.

All three books (including already released parts) are currently owned by Eksmo Publishing House.

Lane Book Series

  • Lane
  • Become a demiurge
  • Make a choice
  • Come back home

The girl did not stop there. In 2015, Petrova wrote the first book of a completely different genre and series called "Cursed Luck". It was released in October 2015, and two years later another piece was released in a new cycle.

  • Cursed Luck book series
  • Cursed luck
  • Taurine

Both cycles tell the story of girls who find themselves in a completely different world, different from the reality around us, in which they show their characteristic, stoic qualities of survival. They change reality for themselves.

About creativity

In an interview with the writer's portal, Elena Petrova said that she has very little free time, but she will always find an hour or two a day for literary work, or even more. According to her, having a main job (an accountant) leaves little time for writing, but "this has its own advantages - the plot is" rolled around "in the mind, the next chapter is invented." When asked about the system and planning, she replied: “As such, I do not have a finely built system. There is a certain point of reference and a visible target. Between them, I mark the approximate points of movement."

Elena is often asked the question: does she identify herself with her heroine Leina, because she even repeated her name in a pseudonym? “I am not Lane!” - the writer's answer. - Although this is not the absolute truth. I am sure that the heroes somehow absorb something from their creator. More precisely, the writer puts a piece of himself into the invented heroes. So in some ways both Lane and Zhenya (note - the heroes of her books) are still me."

In terms of genre, the published cycles differ as follows: Lane is a fantasy, and the books of the Cursed Luck cycle are a full-fledged cosmo-opera. And in both genres, Petrova managed to demonstrate her skills.

Elena draws inspiration and ideas, no matter how trite it sounds, from their own dreams.

There have been creative crises in the author's life, but this was associated with sad events, she notes, “with the death of people close to me, so I'm not sure that this can be called a“creative”crisis." It was just then that she "did not want and could not write, especially humorous things."


Elena tries not to advertise among friends and acquaintances that she is the author of books. Many do not even know about her "double" life, she admits: "In real life, I have a different surname and a completely different circle of acquaintances."

Personal life

Elena does not like to talk about her life. She writes in her blog: “I do not understand the tendency of a number of individuals to display personal belongings. It's only mine. There is no information about the family on the Internet and in official biographies, and Petrova avoids answering such questions in all interviews.