Estonian Pop Singer Jaak Joala: Biography And Personal Life

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Estonian Pop Singer Jaak Joala: Biography And Personal Life
Estonian Pop Singer Jaak Joala: Biography And Personal Life

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The imposing Estonian singer Jaak Joala was the sex symbol of the eighties. The artist's life was full of ups and downs, but the love of life never left him.

Estonian pop singer Jaak Joala: biography and personal life
Estonian pop singer Jaak Joala: biography and personal life

Childhood and youth

Jaak Joala was born in 1950 in Estonia. His mother was a theoretical musician, nothing is known about his father. Since childhood, the boy went to a music school and made progress. He loved to listen to opera performances on the radio and imitate opera singers.

However, the exemplary boy did not delight his mother for long with his obedience. As a teenager, he was swept by a wave of Beatlemania, and he plunged headlong into rock music. In addition to the flute and piano taught at the music school, Jaak also mastered the bass and began playing in rock bands. The musical compositions of the guys were successful, and Jaak began to be recognized on the street.


To continue his education, Jaak entered a music school. But he did not stay there for long, since he was soon expelled for absenteeism. The fact is that touring life as a rock musician did not provide an opportunity to study hard, and the young man did not strive for this, not understanding the value of education at that time.

After completing his studies, the guy ended up in the army. It was easy for him to serve him, since he was doing what he loved even here - he played at concert venues, only when he was already in military uniform.

Creative way

Fame and fame did not immediately overtake the Estonian musician. For a long time he played in local Estonian rock bands and was heard only by the residents of his area. But everything was changed by the cinema. The handsome artist was invited to appear in the films "Duet-Duel" and "Doubles". And soon Jaak Yoala woke up famous. And after the recording of musical compositions for the film "June 31", such famous Soviet composers as Raimond Pauls, Alexander Zatsepin and David Tukhmanov became interested in the Estonian musician. Songs performed by Yaak Yoala began to sound often on Soviet television and radio.

Personal life

Jaak Joala has been married twice. He first got married in his early youth. The chosen one was called Doris, and she was an aspiring actress. Soon the couple had a son, Yanar. The young people were happy together, but the family idyll did not last long. The windy young man was not averse to talking with other women, but this did not suit his wife.

Yaak's second marriage was much longer, it lasted about thirty years. The second wife's name was Mayre, she was from a musical environment. There were no children in this marriage, but the spouses were engaged in creativity together and were satisfied. True, in the past year, the husband and wife have lived separately, since they have different interests.

The only son of Yaak Yanar gave the singer a granddaughter Carmen. But Yaak saw the girl only a few times in his life, because he was able to establish friendly relations with his first family.

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