How To Write A Synopsis

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How To Write A Synopsis
How To Write A Synopsis

Video: How To Write A Synopsis

Video: How To Write A Synopsis
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In order to publish a novel, a poem, an epic saga or to present a movie script, a masterpiece with a fascinating plot, charismatic characters and vivid images to a producer, it is not enough. A synopsis is needed - a short and at the same time meaningful presentation of the author's creative intention.

How to write a synopsis
How to write a synopsis

It is necessary

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Step 1

Before getting started, pay attention to the requirements of the publishers on your mailing list for the length, content of the synopsis and its annexes. A number of publishers require the synopsis to include the final volume of the book and short excerpts from some chapters. For others, just one synopsis is enough, but with the reference information about the author indicated at the beginning of the document. Still others are asked to send, along with a short synopsis, two or three chapters of the work. Mark which publishers are your priority, and write a synopsis taking into account exactly their requirements.

Step 2

Begin writing, remembering that the synopsis is like a summary of the concept of the work. Therefore, the standard synopsis should not be more than one page in length. Better yet, if the author succeeds in presenting the idea of the work in several paragraphs. At the same time, brevity should not affect the intrigue of the plot. After all, the synopsis should first of all interest the editor or producer. This can be done by first formulating for yourself the thesis answers to the following questions:

• genre of the work (thriller, drama, comedy detective, erotic novel, children's fantasy);

• the main characters;

• what the plot is about;

• plot setting;

• key critical points;

• culmination and denouement.

Step 3

An abstracted synopsis can take two or even three pages, so at the next stage of work it is necessary to “squeeze out” it - remove “water”, emotions and minor characters, branches from the main storyline, trifles and clarifications. When a thoroughly "squeezed out" synopsis will occupy no more than a page, you can work more thoroughly on each sentence. The author's task is to make the synopsis capacious. So capacious and "catchy" that the editor's or producer's interest in the process of reading it does not fade away, but only intensifies. At the same time, complex sentences and metaphors should be avoided.

Step 4

Let the text "lie down", and it is recommended to start the final processing of the summary of the work after at least a day. The synopsis will be easier to read, and some flaws or excesses not noticed in the process of hard work will become obvious.