How To Be Baptized In The Temple

How To Be Baptized In The Temple
How To Be Baptized In The Temple

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Orthodox traditions, interrupted during the years of Soviet power, are gradually reviving in Russia. Parents not only baptize their children, introducing them to the faith, but they themselves regularly visit temples to perform the proper rituals. But such a mandatory action as imposing the sign of the cross on oneself is performed incorrectly by many, since there was simply no one to show how this is done correctly.

How to be baptized in the temple
How to be baptized in the temple


Step 1

The sign of the cross is not just a hand gesture, it is part of the church rite. It symbolizes the sign of the cross on which Jesus was crucified. Simultaneously with the pronunciation of the Name of God, this sign is designed to attract the Divine Grace of the Holy Spirit. If you do not make the sign of the cross consciously and correctly, then there will be no point in such a ceremony.

Step 2

Fold the fingers of your right hand: gather your thumb, index and middle fingers into a pinch, they should be at the same level, bend your ring and little fingers, they should lightly touch the pads of your palm. This is a symbol of the trinity of the Divine Essence as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Three fingers folded together symbolize this Holy Trinity, and two fingers pressed to the palm serve as a symbol of the divine and human essence of Jesus, the Son of God, who was incarnated in man.

Step 3

When baptizing, one should not rush. The arm should move evenly, clearly fixing on the center of the forehead, abdomen (just above the navel) and shoulders. By placing your fingers on your forehead, you sanctify your mind, and on your stomach, your inner feelings. Then Orthodox Christians cross their shoulders from right to left, and Catholics - from left to right, illuminating bodily strength.

Step 4

If you are baptized not during prayer, then you still need to mentally say her words to yourself: "In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, amen." This expresses the meaning of faith, confirms it and your desire to devote your life and thoughts to the glory of God. "Amen" is an ancient form meaning: truly, it is, it will be so.

Step 5

The bow should be done only after the hand is lowered. By observing this religious ritual correctly, you take its meaning to a new level and make the sign of the cross a great weapon that will protect you and those whom you cross, attracting the grace of the Lord.

Step 6

You must be baptized before, during, and after prayer. The sign of the Cross should be overshadowed by oneself at the entrance and exit from the church, kissing the cross or the holy icon. It does not hurt to cross yourself in case of danger, in grief or joy.

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