Who Can Be Considered A Modern Poet

Who Can Be Considered A Modern Poet
Who Can Be Considered A Modern Poet

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The poetry of the 21st century differs markedly from the past centuries. One who has achieved success in this field can be considered a modern poet. Most often these are people who have become famous on social networks and have published several collections.

Who can be considered a modern poet?
Who can be considered a modern poet?

Vera Polozkova

This girl is known both in Russia and abroad. Several years ago she was recognized as the most popular poet in Russia. Now the new generation may not know the classics, but they definitely know about Polozkova's work. She can be considered a modern poet, who was the first to pour out poetry in the "Live Journal". They began to enjoy success, after which Vera began to promote herself through reading evenings to music, distribution on social networks and the release of collections. Critics consider her work to be progressive and modern. Its audience includes men and women of different ages and positions in society.

Vera Pavlova

This representative of erotic poetry became famous in the mid-90s. It was published in newspapers, shocking readers with the frankness of the lines. In the future, the girl's popularity grew, legends circulated about her. Many considered her to be a man posing as a woman. There was also a version that several authors were hiding behind her name. By the time the personality was revealed, the fans did not care who wrote these creations for them. Pavlova received the Apollo Grigoriev Big Prize and continues to publish collections to this day.

Carol Roumens

English poetry of the 21st century has also undergone significant changes. Carol Roumens, a native of London, has moved numerous times, but has not lost her sophisticated style and true English style. She currently lives in Wales and publishes her poetry with extraordinary frequency. They are distinguished by their complexity of form and deep meaning. Touching upon the themes of modernity and religion, personality and adaptation to the world, Carol proudly bears the title of those who can be considered modern poets.

Es Soya

This Ukrainian poet surprises his fans with the breadth of thought. His poems are futuristic and full of slang. But at the same time, you can see in them a touch of romanticism, unusual for most people. His latest collection was included in the list of the best-selling books in Ukraine. This recognition allows us to call this brave young man a successful modern poet.

Charles S. Patrick

This man has not yet opened the veil of secrecy over his work. He posts poems on social networks and LiveJournal under a pseudonym. It can be assumed that this is a resident of Moscow. Many believe that the author is a 50-year-old doctor. His poems are distinguished by an unexpected denouement and a complex structure of stanzas. Anonymity fuels interest in them, making Charles one of the most mysterious persons in the world of modern poetry.

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