How To Prevent Parking In Playgrounds

How To Prevent Parking In Playgrounds
How To Prevent Parking In Playgrounds

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If you see a parked car in the playground, rest assured that this is an offense for which there is a fine. You can deal with this problem on your own, because in this case the law is on your side. After all, parking cars on playgrounds, lawns, beaches, on the territory where trees grow, in principle, is prohibited and strictly punishable.

How to prevent parking in playgrounds
How to prevent parking in playgrounds

Look for arguments

If any unscrupulous motorist parked on the playground and you witnessed this action, do not be silent! Ask the motorist to park the car elsewhere. If the car driver resists, warn him of the possible consequences. Firstly, the playing kids can accidentally damage the car, while no one will pay for "car injuries". Secondly, if the driver refuses to rearrange the car, he will be fined, which will significantly hit his wallet. And you, of course, will take care of this by calling the appropriate authorities.

Complaint to administrative services

If your arguments turned out to be unconvincing for the car driver, get down to business. No, you shouldn't ask the children to damage the transport, but you should call the duty section of the police department. Tell your local inspector about the problem, do not forget to include the license plate of the car, as well as the address of the house adjacent to the playground. Leave your coordinates too.

Remember to prepare evidence. Just record the fact of violation by taking a photo of the car in the wrong territory so that the license plate can be seen. This is in case the offender leaves by the time the district inspector arrives. His presence at the scene of the violation is mandatory, since only he can draw up a protocol on such violations.

You should write a statement to the police. Here you must also attach a photo of the car on the playground. For a violation, the driver will receive a warning or a fine. The case of violation will be considered by the administrative commission under the local administration. Accordingly, study the issue of punishing violators of clause 12.2. Traffic regulations are also possible using the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

However, it is possible to deal with the issue of possible similar violations in the future on their own. Contact the administrative services with a request to install a fence around the perimeter of the playground. Send a request to the name of the head of the management company with a request to take measures to protect the territory from unscrupulous drivers. The application must be considered within seven working days.

Initiative is not punishable

If the management company declined your request, try setting up the fence yourself. You can block the entrance to the playground with large stones or abandoned tires - by the way, they can be used for flower beds. Massive stones, in turn, can be interestingly painted, after all, this is a playground! It is better to coordinate actions with the district police officer, who will approve the possibility of such actions or justify why it is better not to arbitrate in your yard.

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