How To Prevent Environmental Disasters

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How To Prevent Environmental Disasters
How To Prevent Environmental Disasters

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An ecological catastrophe is an irreversible change in natural complexes, which leads to the mass death of individual living beings and organisms, populations and even entire ecosystems. As in ancient times, now the planet is dominated by natural environmental disasters. Most often, the result of human activity and the impact on nature leads to them. All this significantly affects the state of various ecosystems, regions, landscapes, biosphere and even entire continents.

How to prevent environmental disasters
How to prevent environmental disasters


Step 1

Protect nature. Strict measures must be taken to conserve, sustainably use and restore the earth's natural resources. It is necessary to preserve endangered species of animals, endangered plants.

Step 2

Stop the massive deforestation of rainforests. Forests are the lungs of our planet! A set of measures should be taken to preserve green spaces. In place of the disappeared forests, as a result of human activity and natural fires, plant many new young trees, which in a few years will replace them! This will help maintain the ecological balance.

Step 3

Stop contaminating soil and water with household and industrial wastewater, mineral fertilizers, heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium), pesticides and oil products.

Step 4

Prevent the destruction of the Earth's ozone ball. It is necessary to create treatment facilities, streamline the use of pesticides, stop the production of pesticides. Build waste processing plants using new technologies for waste processing, waste incineration, recycling of plastics, glass, etc.

Step 5

Create as many natural protected areas as possible. These are parks, reserves, breeding centers for endangered species of animals and plants listed in the national Red Data Books in order to restore the population. In 2008, over the past 500 years, 844 species of animals have completely died out, and 23% of mammals and 16% of birds around the world are on the verge of extinction.

Step 6

Protect nature with the laws of a particular country. People who violate nature conservation areas must be civically liable.

Step 7

Implement conservation programs. With their help, you can improve the quality of the environment in a certain area and preserve the ecosystem. Restore the purity and quality of waters, soil, preserve populations of endangered animals and plants in this area.

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