How To Deal With Smokers At The Entrance

How To Deal With Smokers At The Entrance
How To Deal With Smokers At The Entrance

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It is quite rare that people smoke right in their apartment, because no one likes yellowed walls and ceilings, as well as suits and dresses that smell of tobacco. At the same time, these people do not consider it wrong to smoke on the staircase, despite the fact that in this case the smell of cigarettes seeps not only into their homes, but also into the apartments of their neighbors.

How to deal with smokers at the entrance
How to deal with smokers at the entrance

Many people leading a healthy lifestyle are forced to suffer from the smell of tobacco smoke while in their own apartment. The fact is that many nicotine-addicted residents of apartment buildings do not see anything wrong with smoking on the staircase. Of course, it is not so easy to make the doors of all apartments completely airtight, so the smell seeps not only into the apartment of the smoker, but also into the housing of his innocent non-smoking neighbors.

Try to convince neighbors not to smoke on the landing

Hypothetically, you can agree with any person, moreover, you can do it peacefully. Perhaps your neighbors who smoke in the stairwell are unaware of the inconvenience they cause you with their behavior. Try to talk to them and explain that the smell of cigarettes seeps through the doors and poisons the atmosphere in your home, and the so-called ashtrays, which are essentially just jars of cigarette butts, also do not ozonize the air. It is possible that your neighbors are cultured people who will meet your request not to smoke on the stairs and stop doing so.

Unfortunately, in most cases, smoking neighbors are not ready to take and part with their habit of poisoning the air in public places. At best, they begin to prove that "well, it doesn't smell at all" or open windows in the stairwell. If you are even less lucky, you will hear that the neighbors here “smoked, smoke and will smoke”, or even outright rudeness. Only when you understand that events are developing in this way, it is time to move on to a more active struggle for your rights.

How to defend your right not to breathe tobacco smoke?

On November 15, 2013, a law was passed according to which smoking is prohibited in a number of places, including in the entrances of apartment buildings. Smokers who do not pay attention to the ban can be fined from 500 to 1500 rubles. You can print extracts from the text of the law on a printer and post them on the stairwells.

If the measures you have taken do not bring results, you can contact your district police officer. In the event that your appeal is supported by a written statement that some citizens violate the law on smoking and are in the habit of smoking in public places, the district police officer will have to conduct a conversation with your neighbors and, possibly, if there is evidence of violation of public order by them, fine them.

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