Fabulous Hats

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Fabulous Hats
Fabulous Hats

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Every corner of the earth is distinguished by its own headwear models. In the fairy tales of the peoples of the world and in the works of writers from this or that country, these garments are reflected. The author's fantasy brings miraculous properties to them, or makes the character recognizable to originality.

Fabulous hats
Fabulous hats

Types of fairy hats

Little Red Riding Hood

Perhaps the most famous fairytale woman's thing in Russia. Thanks to the work of the same name, this wardrobe item has become popular with the fair sex. To this day, hats of red color and its shades are worn both in winter and in summer. Not everyone knows that in fact, in the original French version of the tale, the girl had a red cloak with a hood, which for some reason, translated into Russian, became a hat.

Invisible hat

In fairy tales, she helps the heroes to avoid trouble in a variety of situations, while remaining invisible from human eyes. Its owners are a dwarf sorcerer and Lyudmila from the work "Ruslan and Lyudmila".

Golden cap

This headdress can be found in The Wizard of the Emerald City. The hat helped its fabulous owner, the sorceress Bastinda, to dominate the flying monkeys until the good girl Ellie took possession of it. Since then, she began to command the flying time.

Fairy hats

Pierrot's cap from the fairy tale "The Golden Key" speaks of some of the hero's features - compassion, generosity, straightforwardness.

Jesters at the royal court wore characteristic bright colored caps. Thanks to this headdress, the image of a merry fellow was created, looking at which one wanted to laugh. And in some fairy tales magical properties were attributed to the jester's cap. Whoever put it on his head would certainly start laughing, and could not stop until he took off his hat.

Pinocchio's headdress is an integral attribute of his image. Depicting this character, the actor has only to put on a cap and a long nose, as it immediately becomes clear who he will play.

Other fabulous hats

Sometimes the fabulous headdresses of the heroes do not have magical properties at all, but only give the characters an external feature, thanks to which they become recognizable. So, for example, by a wide, round hat, children can easily recognize Dunno.

The image of an old woman from the fairy tale "Cheburashka and Gena the Crocodile" in her cap is a reflection of harm, willfulness, but at the same time some charm.

Crowns in fairy tales of the world are associated with kings and queens, princesses and princes. In ancient Egyptian tales, the pharaohs also wore peculiar crowns. In old Russian fairy tales, queens are dressed in kokoshniks. The image of the Snow Maiden is also associated with this truly Russian headdress.

The pirate shawl distinguishes Barmaley from all other fairytale characters.

Few oriental fairy tales are complete without mentioning the turban, a headdress created by winding a piece of fabric in the shape of a turban. Aladdin, Scheherazade cannot be imagined without such decoration.

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