How To Talk For A Long Time

How To Talk For A Long Time
How To Talk For A Long Time

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Public speaking is not just the ability to clearly and easily express your thoughts in front of an audience. It is also the ability to hold the audience's attention for a long time, the ability to present information in an interesting way and switch the interlocutor to the topic of conversation you need in time. But what to do if in the process of speaking you fail the most important thing - to speak for a long time and without hesitation?

How to talk for a long time
How to talk for a long time

It is necessary

  • - small stones,
  • - a set of tongue twisters,
  • - half an hour of free time a day.


Step 1

Learn the most difficult tongue twisters and say them out loud regularly. Surely you have heard about how well-known speakers used to practice tongue twisters for a long time before their speeches. If it seems to you that this technique is suitable only for those who have problems with the pronunciation of individual letters, you are mistaken. The constant pronunciation of difficult-to-pronounce letter combinations trains not only the ligaments, but also the lungs, thereby giving you the opportunity to speak for longer without interrupting your breath.

Step 2

Train your voice power. If your voice sounds soft, it is subconsciously perceived by the audience as a weakness on your part. Nobody will take such a speaker seriously, and, consequently, the hall will be noisy. Trying to shout down the audience, you even more lose your voice and authority, completely losing your thought. To prevent this from happening, practice speaking over loud noisy sounds. Talk on the subway on the noisiest aisles between stations, try to shout down the trains passing by, make your voice stronger and more powerful, train constantly.

Step 3

Remember how Eliza Doolittle was trained? She put small round stones in her mouth and tried to speak so that it was invisible. Do the same. Smooth aquarium stones or medium-sized balls are suitable for the exercise. It is only important that they are not too small, and that their surface is smooth and comfortable enough to feel. If you train your breathing apparatus while talking in such extreme conditions, very soon you will not remember any stumbling or misfires during the performance.

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