Who Can Be Called Cultural Now

Who Can Be Called Cultural Now
Who Can Be Called Cultural Now

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Compliance with important socially accepted moral and ethical norms of behavior, breadth of knowledge, respect for native history and many other qualities distinguish cultured people at all times. These personality traits are not innate - a person acquires them gradually. Culture is taught to children in the family, educators in kindergarten, then teachers in school. Generally accepted rules of conduct must be followed throughout your life.

Who can be called cultural now
Who can be called cultural now


Step 1

A truly cultured modern person knows well and constantly observes long-established norms of behavior, has an inner conviction of the need to fulfill them. Culture brought up in a person is manifested in ordinary, insignificant everyday actions, and not in order to be seen by others. For a cultured person, it is considered quite natural to be polite, benevolent, to act according to generally accepted rules.

Step 2

A modern cultured person chooses a style of behavior that reflects his personality, meets the requirements of behavior in society and is not based on the desire to stand out. Your own conscience and beliefs help you stay who you really are, not hide flaws and expose your merits. A cultured person always behaves naturally and naturally, not paying attention to the social position of others. Manners of behavior and inner qualities of a person are not striking, but constitute the essence of such a person.

Step 3

The upbringing of a cultured person is not limited to a good education, correct habits. The main thing is to have a rich spiritual culture, constantly engage in self-education, and respect other people.

Step 4

External attractiveness will quickly disappear if a person lacks his own thoughts, mind, sincerity, sense of humor. The beauty of a person is hidden in charm, an external manifestation of the beauty of the inner world.

Step 5

The manifestation of cynicism is unusual for a truly cultured person. No matter how handsome outwardly, intelligent and educated, observing the rules of decency a person may be, arrogance and shamelessness, disdain for other people unconditionally exclude him from the category of cultural personalities.

Step 6

A noble, highly cultured person always trusts others, does not accept and does not understand a life based on conflicts and deception.

The basis of behavior is respect for all people with their merits and demerits.

Step 7

A cultured person should be tactful, that is, be able to guess in time unpleasant situations for others and not allow them. He will never spy on and eavesdrop, gossip and gossip. Politeness is also a character trait of a cultured person who is not capable of offending another. He is humble, combined with a demanding attitude towards himself. Self-esteem is manifested in the concept of honor: he is not capable of vile deeds.

Step 8

A cultured person sincerely loves his country, is interested in the history and traditions of the people.

Step 9

Unfortunately, in modern society, rudeness, money-grubbing, self-interest, etc. have become quite common phenomena. People with this kind of qualities are not considered cultural, no matter how erudite and attractive outwardly they may be.

Step 10

The listed personality traits are fundamental for the characteristics of a modern cultured person and do not exhaust the concept of culture.

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