Chirkov Boris Petrovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Chirkov Boris Petrovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Chirkov Boris Petrovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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The first work of Boris Petrovich Chirkov on stage was the place of an ordinary prompter. Later he began to receive cameo roles in amateur theater productions. No one at that distant time could have imagined that the children's passion for art would eventually grow for Chirkov into the work of his whole life.

Boris Petrovich Chirkov
Boris Petrovich Chirkov

From the biography of Boris Chirkov

The famous theater and film actor was born on August 13, 1901 in Nolinsk, in the Vyatka province. From a young age, Boris was fascinated by art. Even as a child, he secretly ran away from his parents to watch the first, then dumb films. Relatives did not approve of the boy's hobbies. He was a cousin of Vyacheslav Molotov. And the family wanted the boy to follow in the footsteps of his eminent relative, to take up politics.

At the age of seven, Boris went to study at a comprehensive school. In his senior school age, the young man became interested in amateur performances. From an early age he sang superbly and dashingly controlled the accordion.

When Boris Petrovich was 20 years old, he moved to Petrograd. He was to continue his education. Together with a friend, Boris is taking the entrance exams to the Polytechnic Institute. But even then Chirkov realized that he did not want to link his fate with technical sciences. He enters a theater university.

As a result, in 1926, the future actor received a diploma from the Leningrad Institute of Performing Arts. And almost immediately he began to work in the Leningrad Youth Theater. One of the first successful roles for Boris was the role of the well-known Sancho Panza, Don Quixote's faithful squire. The success exceeded Chirkov's expectations: after this production, they began to invite him to the main roles. A little later, Chirkov was offered to try his hand at cinema.

Boris Chirkov's career in cinema

The first film with Boris Chirkov's participation was "Native Brother", released in 1928. Seeing himself on the screen, the young actor was disappointed. The role was small, and the silent film could not convey the characteristic features of his character. The image seemed out of place and unnatural. Chirkov did not like the first work so much that he left the hall without watching the film to the end.

Boris Petrovich pondered the situation for a long time. He realized that it was impossible to act in the same way on stage and in front of the camera. He is intensely looking for a suitable image and style of play for himself. And he is not going to quit his job in the cinema that he loves.

In 1931, Chirkov was invited to play a very minor role. The film was called "One". The director Trauberg liked the actor's work very much. A little later, Boris received another invitation from him: this time he was to play in the film "Journey to the USSR". The role was noticeable, but still far from central. Alas, this film was never made.

Subsequently, Trauberg began work on the sound film "Maxim's Youth". Chirkov was immediately offered the role of Dema. But after the very first rehearsal it became clear that Boris Petrovich would do an excellent job with the main role. The film, where Chirkov played Maxim with amazing skill, was a tremendous success. A few years later, the second part of the picture, "The Return of Maxim", was released. And a year later, the audience enthusiastically accepted the third episode of the epic, called "The Vyborg Side".

In subsequent years, Chirkov enjoyed success after the release of the film "True Friends". All these years Boris Petrovich continued to work on the stage of the theater. One of the most striking performances with his participation was "Boris Godunov".

In 1955, Chirkov worked as a teacher at VGIK. For several years he taught young talented guys and girls acting and stage wisdom.

The last work in cinema for Chirkov was the film-play "Mashenka". After this picture, he retired: his health condition did not allow him to act in full force.And he did not know how to play differently and did not want to.

Personal life of Boris Chirkov

Boris Chirkov was a very shy person and until the age of 48 he did not choose a life partner for himself. He devoted all his free time to the acting profession. Boris Petrovich met his love when he was visiting a friend. Lyudmila Genika became his chosen one. They had a chance to play together in the film "True Friends" and in the film-play "Mashenka".

The couple spent a lot of time together. When Chirkov was already 50 years old, a daughter was born in the family. She was named Lyudmila. The girl later also became an actress; now Lyudmila Borisovna teaches stage skills at VGIK.

Back in the mid-1950s, Chirkov's health began to deteriorate. He started having vision problems. As a result, the left eye had to be replaced with a prosthesis. The actor did not escape three heart attacks. Health became the main reason for Chirkov's departure from the profession.

Boris Petrovich passed away on May 28, 1982. During the presentation of the Lenin Prize to Chirkov, he had a severe heart attack. The doctors did not have time to take him to the hospital.

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