Vladimir Ilyin: Biography, Filmography And Personal Life

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Vladimir Ilyin: Biography, Filmography And Personal Life
Vladimir Ilyin: Biography, Filmography And Personal Life

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A worthy representative of the national galaxy of theater and cinema stars - Vladimir Ilyin - is well known to the audience for his numerous and diverse roles. And colleagues in the creative workshop constantly talk about his excellent spiritual qualities.

the familiar face of your favorite artist
the familiar face of your favorite artist

Soviet and Russian actor - People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Ilyin - is well known in our country for many films and theatrical performances. His characters fit so harmoniously into all the scenes with his participation that no one can doubt the realism of what is happening.

Brief biography and filmography of Vladimir Ilyin

A native of Sverdlovsk, he was born into an artistic family (father - Honored Artist of the RSFSR as part of the Sverdlovsk Theater) on November 16, 1947. Together with his brother Alexander, Vladimir from childhood dreamed of following in his father's footsteps. Therefore, immediately after graduating from high school, our hero entered the local theater school, which he graduated in 1969.

And then there was a creative search in the "Skomorokh" theater of Gennady Yudenich, as well as other theater groups in Kazan and Moscow. In 1974, Vladimir Ilyin finally found himself in the Vladimir Mayakovsky Theater, where his father and his younger brother soon entered the service. It was here that for fifteen years our hero realized himself as a theatrical actor, going on stage with Oleg Menshikov and Inna Ulyanova.

Since 1989, due to his enormous employment in cinema, Vladimir Ilyin decides to leave his native theater, devoting himself entirely to cinema. The first significant role went to the actor only at the age of 39, when his professional qualities were already fully formed. It is with the film "My Favorite Clown" (1987) that the actor begins his ascent as a sought-after artist and idol of millions of fans of his talent.

Currently, the filmography of Vladimir Ilyin is very versatile and filled with many significant projects, among which I would like to especially highlight the following: "Defender of Sedov", "Accident - the daughter of a cop", "Lost in Siberia", "Russian revolt", "Restless Sagittarius", " The Siberian Barber "," Soldier Ivan Chonkin "," Burnt by the Sun "," State Protection "," Ivan Poddubny " Kalachi ".

For the role of Captain Mokin in Nikita Mikhalkov's film The Barber of Siberia, Vladimir Ilyin was awarded the Golden Aries Prize and the State Prize of Russia. The artist's last films include his roles in the films Anna Karenina, Time of the First and Burn.

Personal life of the artist

The family life of Vladimir Ilyin can rightfully be considered a role model. His only marriage to the former actress of the Taganka Theater Zoya Pylnova has passed all the tests for more than thirty years. Their warm and friendly relations with each other completely exclude any material excesses or visiting bohemian parties.

Despite the fact that the family does not have children of its own, their hearth is always surrounded by numerous younger relatives, including three sons of a sibling: Ilya, Alexey and Alexander. All of them devoted themselves to the profession of acting, and Alexander is familiar to the audience in our country for his role in the popular TV series "Interns".

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