Easterbrook Leslie: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Easterbrook Leslie: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Easterbrook Leslie: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Easterbrook Leslie: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Easterbrook Leslie: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Leslie Easterbrook's acting career continues from the seventies of the last century to the present day. During this time, she starred in dozens of films and TV series. The Russian audience remembered Leslie Easterbrook primarily as the performer of the role of the charming blonde Debbie Callahan in the Police Academy series of comedy films.

Easterbrook Leslie: biography, career, personal life
Easterbrook Leslie: biography, career, personal life

Family and education

Leslie Eileen Easterbrook was born in Los Angeles. The biological mother abandoned the girl immediately after birth, and soon Karl and Helen Easterbrook adopted her. The girl was brought up already in Nebraska. Foster mom and dad treated Leslie with great care, like their own daughter.

Karl Easterbrook was a musician teaching trumpet at the University of Nebraska-Carney. Thanks to him, young Leslie fell in love with music and opera from an early age.

She graduated from high school in 1967, after which she became a student at Stevens College in Columbia (a city located in the state of Missouri).

First roles and first marriage

Leslie began acting on the Broadway stage and in the cinema in the seventies. In 1976, she took part in the theatrical production of Neil Simon's "California Suite". Another early work of Leslie was a small role in the comedy of the famous director, master of Hollywood cinema Sidney Lumet "Say what you need" (1979).

This period also accounts for such an important event in Leslie's life as the first wedding. In May 1979, she married actor Viktor Kholchak. Subsequently, they will live together for about nine years - until 1988.

Leslie Easterbrook in the eighties and nineties

Leslie became known to a wide American audience after she appeared in the character of Rhonda in the comedy television series Laverne and Shirley in 1980. In the first half of the eighties, she also participated in other multi-part projects - "The Boat of Love", "Fantasy Island", "Hunter John", "Dukes from Hazzard".

World popularity Leslie Easterbrook brought the role in the series of comedy "Police Academy" (she took part in all parts except the second).

The first "Police Academy" appeared on the screens in 1984. Leslie played here Debbie Callahan - a sexy blonde and a police sergeant by rank. By the way, in the third film she became a lieutenant, and in the sixth - a captain.

Special mention in this case deserves the picture "Police Academy 7: Mission in Moscow", which was indeed partially filmed in Russia. Here Leslie Easterbrook showed herself as a singer - she sang one of the songs on the soundtrack for this film.

Of course, in the nineties, the actress was involved not only in the "Police Academy", but also in other projects, primarily in television series. She played Dita in the cult TV series Malibu Rescuers, Helen Frolick in the TV series Diagnosis: Murder, Charlene West in the TV series Law for All. She also appeared in several episodes of Murder, She Wrote.

In addition, in the nineties, Leslie had to participate in the voice acting several times - it is her voice that speaks Randa Dwayne in the animated series "Batman" (1992-1995) and Mala in the animated series "Superman" (1996-2000).

Creativity of the actress in the 2000s

In the 2000s, Leslie often starred in horror films. And, for example, her role as Mama Firefly in the horror film Cast Out by the Devil earned her the 2006 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

And the following year Easterbrook starred in the horror film Halloween 2007, which is a remake of the famous 1985 horror film about the bloody maniac Michael Myers, who escaped from a mental hospital. Here Leslie played a heroine named Patty Frost.

Leslie Easterbrook these days

Today Leslie Easterbrook, as before, continues to play in the movies. Among her recent works, for example, the role of Dorothy in the melodrama "Christmas Decorations" directed by Jake Helgren (2018).

And in the personal life of the film actress, everything is also stable: for many years she has been living with her second husband, screenwriter and writer Dan Wilcox. Dan and Leslie do not have joint children.

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