Yurgens Daria Georgievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Yurgens Daria Georgievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Yurgens Daria Georgievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Yurgens Daria Georgievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Yurgens Daria Georgievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Daria Georgievna Yurgens (Lesnikova) is a Russian actress, Honored Artist of Russia, who has played many roles in the St. Petersburg Youth Theater on Fontanka and cinema. She is well known for films: "About Freaks and People", "Brother 2" and the adventure series "Sea Devils".

Daria Georgievna Yurgens
Daria Georgievna Yurgens

Despite the fact that as a child, Daria dreamed of becoming a veterinarian and working with animals, her creative family influenced her choice of profession. Growing up in a circle of actors and people of art, she ultimately decides to also devote her life to theater and cinema.


The girl was born in Tomsk, in 1968 on January 20th. Soon the family moved to Mariupol, where Daria spent her childhood. Her parents were theater actors and worked on the stage of the local drama theater. From an early age, the girl spent a lot of time in the theater, watching the rehearsals and the hard work of people who devoted themselves to the stage. The holiday atmosphere was followed by everyday work, filled not only with joy, but also with disappointments. Perhaps that is why she did not dream of an acting fate and was going to choose another profession.

Her first appearance on the stage took place in infancy. The main character of the play "Virgin Soil Upturned" was to appear on stage with a child in her arms. This child became Daria. The next appearance of the little actress in a theatrical production took place at the age of 10.

Since her school years, the girl has been actively involved in sports, choosing fencing as her hobby. She participated in competitions and was already supposed to receive the title of Master of Sports, but, having made an unforgivable mistake in one of the fights, she was disqualified. This event greatly influenced the emotional state of the child and soon Daria decides to leave the sport forever.

After receiving secondary education, Daria decides to go to the northern capital and submits documents to the theater institute, which she successfully graduates and becomes an actress.

Theater and cinema

Her acting biography began at the Youth Theater, in Leningrad, where the actress was taken immediately after graduation. Daria's creative talent was instantly noticed by the chief director S. Spivak. The girl gets roles in several productions at once and successfully debuts on the Leningrad stage. Daria liked working in the theater, but the salary that the actors received did not suit her, and she decides to try herself in cinema.

The first film for Yurgens was the picture of the famous A. Balabanov "About freaks and people." The first role was immediately followed by the second in the film "Brother 2". This film became a "finest hour" for the actress. The brilliantly performed role allowed her to declare herself and start a career in cinema. There were many proposals. She starred in serials and feature films: "Streets of Broken Lanterns", "NLS Agency", "Mole 2", "House of Hope", "Women's Romance".

Soon she received an offer to take part in the filming of a new television project "Sea Devils", where Yurgens played one of the main roles of "Bagheera". The film was well received by the audience and received very high ratings, so it was decided to shoot a sequel. To this day, this series has been successfully shown on television.

In addition to working in the famous TV series, Daria continues to appear in other films. Among her works, the most significant are: "Own Stranger", "AD", "Vasilievsky Island", "The Prohibition of Love", "House by the Big River", "Sherlock Holmes".

Personal life

The first husband is actor Yevgeny Dyatlov. They met while still studying and formed a relationship almost immediately. A year later, a son, Yegor, was born in the family, and two years later the couple divorced. The reason was banal - her husband's betrayal, although they say that there were betrayals on both sides. Eugene began to meet with one of his stage colleagues, and Yurgens had a short affair with Yuri Shevchuk, but it did not come to a serious relationship, as well as with another man - actor Pyotr Zhuravlev.

Second husband - Sergei Velikanov, director of stunt scenes in the TV series "Sea Devils". For Daria, the work in this picture brought not only success and fame, but also the love of the man with whom they are still together.

The actress also has a daughter, although she prefers not to tell who her real father is. The son from his first marriage followed in the footsteps of his parents and now works at the Buff Theater.

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