Olga Krasko: Filmography, Biography And Personal Life

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Olga Krasko: Filmography, Biography And Personal Life
Olga Krasko: Filmography, Biography And Personal Life

Video: Olga Krasko: Filmography, Biography And Personal Life

Video: Olga Krasko: Filmography, Biography And Personal Life
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Olga Yuryevna Krasko is a Russian theater and film actress, starring in the films The Turkish Gambit, Love Undercover, and the Sklifosovsky TV series. Theater actress Oleg Tabakov "Snuffbox".

Olga Krasko: filmography, biography and personal life
Olga Krasko: filmography, biography and personal life

Olga was born in November 1981, in the city of Kharkov. Since childhood, the girl was an artistic and active child, for this reason, the father and mother immediately tried to direct her energy in the right direction. Olga was enrolled in the gymnastics section, dance club and vocals.

After moving to the capital, Olga Krasko continued to improve in the same direction. The girl was a member of the children's group "Nadezhda", where she improved her musical abilities and studied stage speech. With this team, the girl often toured Moscow and beyond. The guys performed at charity evenings in orphanages and clinics. In the summer season we went to holiday camps.

The soul of the group was the permanent leader Efim Steinberg. It is this teacher that Olga Krasko considers the person thanks to whom the young girl made a choice in favor of acting. Steinberg already then saw her potential and believed that Olga would become an artist. And Krasko did not disappoint his beloved teacher.

After graduating from school, Olga Yuryevna easily entered the Moscow Art Theater School. The student's teacher turned out to be Oleg Tabakov, which she was very happy about. After all, the artist considered Tabakov and does not stop considering a deity.


In 2002, Olga Krasko left the walls of the Moscow Art Theater School and was immediately admitted to the famous "Snuffbox" by Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov. Even in her student years, the actress played her first role on this stage. In "Snuffbox" Krasko appeared in the performances "Father", "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Long Christmas Dinner". Probably, the young actress was able to show considerable professionalism, as she turned out to be one of several, whom the director suggested to stay. The first performances by Olga Krasko after graduation were Lovelace, At the Bottom and Biloxi-Blues. With each performance, the degree of professionalism of the actress grew, and with it the seriousness of the roles provided. In "Duck Hunt" Olya played the role of Irina. This production, staged on the stage of the Chekhov Theater, gathered full houses. The actress herself says that theater is a special world. On stage, Olga receives a lot of audience support and energy, and in this she sees the main difference from filming a movie. And filmmaking is a river that cannot be entered twice.


A career in cinema for Olga Krasko began in her student years. During her sophomore year, Olga was offered to play a role in the film "The Gendarme Story". The filmmakers asked for help with the selection of an actress, her mentor, Oleg Tabakov. He proposed several candidates. The choice fell on Olga. The actress herself admits that this stage of her career can be called unconscious, because at that time she had no experience in cinema.

Later, Olga Krasko was offered a role in "Turkish Gambit", and this role was triumphant for her. Here she was able to open up, show herself. This role became for her a kind of springboard into the world of cinema. After the role of Barbara in "Turkish Gambit" Olga was invited already as a successful actress who proved her professionalism.

In 2012, the mystical historical adventure picture "The Beauharnais Effect" by Dmitry Gerasimov was released. For Olga Krasko, this film became a new stage in her career, because here the actress had to play a multifaceted, complex image. Olga Krasko was able to show her versatility once again by starring in the New Year comedy "Served to Eat, or Careful, Love!" Maxim Papernik.

In 2014, the actress played a role in the comedy Mom Will Be Against!Also this year she starred in the melodrama "Moscow Greyhound", in which she played the role of a police major.

In 2015 Olga Krasko played the main role in the TV series "Men and Women".

Personal life

Olga Krasko is one of those actresses who try not to draw attention to their personal life. In 2006, Olga gave birth to a daughter, Olesya. Journalists wondered for a long time who is the girl's father, because the actress herself did not give any explanations to this question. But it soon turned out that Olesya's father is actor and director Dmitry Petrun. But they did not have a long life together, and soon they parted, without giving it much publicity.

On April 1, 2016, Olga gave birth to a son, whom she named after the main character of the novel "12 chairs" by Ostap Bender. Who is her new chosen one is unknown.

Olga does not maintain pages on social networks, the actress has no accounts on Instagram or Twitter. Family and personal life Krasko is hidden from prying eyes.

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