How To Get Into The Church Choir

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How To Get Into The Church Choir
How To Get Into The Church Choir

Video: How To Get Into The Church Choir

Video: How To Get Into The Church Choir
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The church is a place where a person is left alone with God, a place where people come to pray and confess their sins. They come to the service and listen to the singing of the church choir, which bewitches and makes you think about the meaning of life.

How to get into the church choir
How to get into the church choir


Step 1

Your faith must be Orthodox Christian. You should attend church regularly. You also need to come to services, confess, receive communion, participate in the life of the church. After all, singing in the choir will not bring any benefit to a person who is far from the church. It should be caused by a state of mind, a great desire to serve God and be closer to him.

Step 2

Possession of musical ability. This is understandable, because even if you really want to sing, and you have neither hearing nor voice, nothing will work. It is advisable if you have a musical education, in extreme cases, incomplete. You must be able to read sheet music, know the voices. You should have clear intonation and a pleasant tone of voice. The ability to sing in an ensemble, singing with other voices in unison is also important.

Step 3

Conversation with the priest. Come to church and chat with the church director or abbot. The choir director is the leader of the church choir. They will listen to you, ask about your experience and skills, and decide if you are the right fit or not. You may be asked to read a prayer, ask if you wear a cross, how you feel about faith.

Step 4

Take church singing courses available in some temples. If you doubt your capabilities or are not sure of yourself, this will be the best option. In these courses, you will also study the Law of God, Liturgy, Church language, solfeggio, vocals. It will be a great experience. But keep in mind that courses can take a long time, sometimes even more than 3 years.

Step 5

First, try yourself in the choir singers who sing in the choir, not in the choir. It is more realistic to get there without musical education, but simply with a good voice and ear. The rector of the temple blesses to sing on the choir. This will be a good experience for you to see if you can actually sing in a church choir.

Step 6

Despite the great demands for singers in the choir, this applies more to large cities. In rural areas, if you have hearing, you will most likely be accepted much faster.