Andrzej Sapkowski: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Andrzej Sapkowski: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Andrzej Sapkowski: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Andrzej Sapkowski: Biography, Career And Personal Life

Video: Andrzej Sapkowski: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Video: Writing the Witcher with Andrzej Sapkowski and Lauren Hissrich | Netflix 2023, March

Fantasy lovers do not need to explain who Andrzej Sapkowski is. It is he who is the author of the famous saga about the hunter of mystical monsters Geralt. Sapkowski is one of the top five most published Polish authors, and his books have been published in German, Czech and Russian.

Andrzej Sapkowski: biography, career and personal life
Andrzej Sapkowski: biography, career and personal life


Andrzej was born in the Polish city of Lodz on June 21, 1948. There he entered the university at the faculty of foreign trade. After graduation, Sapkowski worked in his specialty for more than 20 years.

The writer is very reluctant to talk about himself and his personal life. It is only known that he speaks several languages, and his favorite writers are Hemingway and Bulgakov.

In one of the interviews, Sapkovsky mentioned his wife. The public does not know anything about his children. The writer has a pet cat.

Literary life

Sapkowski presented his first official story, The Witcher, to the public at a literary competition. Despite high competition, he finished third.

It is in this fantasy novel that the witcher Geralt of Rivia appears, who, using magic and fighting skills, kills various mythical monsters for money.

The first stories about Geralt were collected in the book The Witcher. In 1990, Sapkowski's second book about Geralt's adventures, "The Last Wish", was published. Two years later, another book was published - The Sword of Destiny. All thirteen short stories about Geralt were translated into Russian, combined in one book "The Witcher".

From 1994 to 1999, the author worked on the five-volume The Witcher and the Witcher. In the same period of time, the hero of Sapkowski's books falls into comics. Bohuslav Polkh uses plots from books and adds ideas that were not included in the novels, which the writer told him about.

It was not limited to books and comics. In 2001, a film about the witcher was shot, and in 2002 a series was released. However, both films were not as successful as Sapkowski's books.

In 2007, a computer game based on the plot of The Witcher was released. It is still considered one of the best Polish gameplay.

In 1998 Andrzej Sapkowski was awarded a special "Passport" award for his contribution to the cultural life of Poland.

The author has also published a number of critical articles on the fantasy genre. Among them is the "A guide for aspiring fantasy writers."

In addition, Sapkowski has a collection of stories about mythological creatures living in different worlds.

Speaking of Sapkowski, one cannot fail to mention his famous franchise - "The Saga of Reinevan". It tells about the Hussite Wars and the history of Europe in the Middle Ages.

At the end of 2010, the author told the press that he had started work on the sequel to The Witcher.

In the summer of 2016, Sapkowski was awarded the World Fantasy Award for literary achievements in this genre.

Now preparing for showing a series, which was based on the saga of "The Witcher". The exact release date of the series is still unknown, but the premiere promises to be grandiose. The creators of the series, the Netflix company, said that in terms of scale and financial investments, the series will not be inferior to the sensational “Game of Thrones” all over the world. Everything is kept under wraps, including the cast of the show. Fans are waiting for the premiere and are happy that Andrzej Sapkowski is directly involved in the project and is the main creative consultant.

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