What Princess Tenko Is Famous For

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What Princess Tenko Is Famous For
What Princess Tenko Is Famous For

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Princess Tenko is the largest Japanese illusionist, standing on a par with such world stars as David Copperfield and David Blaine. Unfortunately, the Russians still do not know her, since she has never come to Russia yet.

What Princess Tenko is famous for
What Princess Tenko is famous for

Who is Princess Tenko

Princess Tenko is the pseudonym of the famous Japanese illusionist and pop singer Mariko Itakuro. Mariko is also known in her homeland as a theater and film director, photographer and artist. She is currently the Chair of Magic of the Japan International Exchange Association.

For several years, Itakuro studied various tricks with the major Japanese illusionist Tenko Hikita. In 1978, she made her debut as a performer on Fuji TV, and her performances were accompanied by magic tricks. The girl's musical career continued until the death of Hikit in 1980. After the death of the illusionist, Mariko was recognized as the second Tenko, although she was far from the only student of the master.

After the death of Tenko's teacher Hikita, Mariko took the pseudonym Princess Tenko.

World glory

In 1990, Itakuro was awarded the title of "Illusionist of the Year" by the Academy of Magical Arts. World fame came to Princess Tenko in 1994, after performing in the USA at the Radio City Music Hall. Her popularity was so great that she became the prototype for the protagonist of the animated series Princess Tenko and the Guardians of Magic. In addition, a series of dolls named after her have been released.

In 1998, the princess visited the DPRK and liked the country's leader Kim Jong Il so much that he later named the theater in her honor. In addition, when Tenko had to perform the trick of emptying out of the water tank during the next tour, the leader ordered the use of Evian mineral water instead of plain tap water. The princess was also asked to stay in North Korea, but she refused.

In 2011, Princess Tenko was invited to attend Kim Jong-in's funeral, but she refrained from traveling.

In 2007, Mariko was seriously injured and almost died while performing the famous sword trick. She had to hide in a wooden box, which is then pierced with ten sharp blades, and disappear in time. Tenko did not have time to get out, and all the blades sank into her body - by a lucky coincidence, one of them did not hit the eye, passing a centimeter from him. It is curious that despite the bleeding wounds, the woman continued her performance for another half hour.

Finally, it should be noted that the princess is known not only for her skill, but also for her passion for expensive purchases. So, she often participates in large auctions and by now has managed to purchase a suitcase Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon's car, in which he drove in the movie "Imagine".

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