Geisha - Who Is She?

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Geisha - Who Is She?
Geisha - Who Is She?

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Comparing a geisha to an ordinary courtesan is like claiming that collection wine tastes very much like vinegar. The word "geisha" comes from the Japanese word "geisha", which consists of two characters. “Gay” is art and “sya” is a person. A man of art is who a real Japanese geisha is.

Geisha - who is she?
Geisha - who is she?

How to become geisha

Geisha live in their own closed communities under the auspices of so-called mothers called oka-san. Previously, girls were taken for training from the age of 10, now from the age of 16. For five years, they have been taught to play instruments, drawing, the art of calligraphy, singing, dancing, and holding a tea ceremony. Classes are held in an atmosphere of the strictest discipline for 10-12 hours a day. They rarely have days off. A student in a geisha school is called a maiko. Not every student is able to withstand such loads, but it is impossible to simply get away from the "oka-san", you will have to pay a considerable ransom for the fact that the contract was terminated prematurely.

Until the 17th century, geisha were men who played the role of jesters at the court of feudal lords and their high-ranking guests. Over time, women began to be invited to entertain the guests, who gradually replaced the men. In the 19th century, almost every city had a geisha house, where the visitor could feel like a ruler.

Geisha's work is highly respected in Japan. They mainly work in traditional Japanese restaurants and parties, where they act as organizers. They conduct conversations on various topics, making sure that the guests do not get bored. Geisha demonstrate their skills to guests, entertain the company by playing musical instruments, singing or dancing. Often such performances are open to a wide range of spectators. The most skilled geisha are becoming very popular.

The profession of a geisha is a lifestyle

Geisha do very sophisticated makeup. The face and neck are whitewashed, except for a few stripes under the hairline at the back, the lips are bright scarlet, the hair is styled in an intricate hairstyle, and the kimono is tied in an intricate knot at the back.

To maintain a complex hairstyle, geisha sleep with their neck resting on a wooden roller, which also contributes to the formation of a special posture, which is very much appreciated in Japan.

Every day a geisha spends over four hours getting her hair, makeup and dressing up in a traditional kimono. The cost of a geisha kimono is equal to the price of an expensive car.

Of course, in schools, geisha are also taught the art of lovemaking, but she is not obliged to provide sexual services to her clients. Here everything completely depends on her desire.

In modern Japan, there are fewer real geishas every year. Currently, there are less than a thousand of them. According to statistics, only 1% of the Japanese have met with geisha. Their services are very expensive, and not everyone can afford such a luxury. It is a great honor for a Japanese to be invited to an evening with a geisha.

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