How To Build A Diagram

How To Build A Diagram
How To Build A Diagram

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To build a diagram, you need to have at least some knowledge, initial, so that you can act with several methods at once. Excel tables are a powerful tool with which you can process a huge amount of data, perform various computational operations, display them in the form of tables, and the process of their visualization becomes simple and convenient.

How to build a diagram
How to build a diagram

Chart is one of the ways to represent data. Let's consider two versions - 2003 and 2010, and in the 2007 version the construction of diagrams is similar to the 2010 version, so we will not consider this version of the program. So how do you make a diagram in the 2003 version of the program?

1. Launch the program. In the new book, we enter a table with data.

2. Select the prepared table.

3. Go to the "Insert" menu, select the "Diagram" item.

4. In the window, select the type of chart that you like best, for example, a regular histogram.

5. Click the "Next" button.

6. You will see a window in which you need to select a source for building. Initially, the original data table is selected, so they will be automatically recorded in the “Range” field.

7. Click "Next" again.

8. Now the chart settings. Here you set its name and the name of the axes, set up a legend, set data labels. Nothing complicated, it's easy to figure out the window.

9. In the last window, select the place where the diagram is inserted.

10. Done!

How to make a diagram in 2010 version:

1. Launch the program, fill in the table with the necessary data.

2. Select it.

3. Again the Insert "Insert" group, then its Charts panel.

4. Select the type of chart.

5. After you have selected the type of chart, the chart is automatically inserted into the sheet where the data table is located.

6. All settings for the chart can be made by right-clicking on the chart and going to Format Chart Area.

You can build a diagram in the same way in another program of the standard Microsoft Office package, without leaving the text program word. If you have made a table there, go to the "Insert" menu on the top panel and select the icon with the diagram view. By clicking on it, you will bring up a window where, again, you need to select the most suitable diagram type for your case and click the "Ok" button. After that, a window will pop up in front of you where you need to arrange a table with data, and the diagram drawing will already be inserted into the Word document. As you enter data into the table, the measures of the chart inserted into the document will change. Legends to the graph can also be signed in the table, and the necessary settings are made by clicking on the figure with the right mouse button. Many interesting settings will appear in the drop-down menu, including changing the chart type, changing labels, and the like. Thus, a diagram is built in a text document. As you can see, there are no difficulties, but the result is obvious, you can easily cope with this task yourself.

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