How To Take Part In A Forest Planting

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How To Take Part In A Forest Planting
How To Take Part In A Forest Planting

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Take part in a noble and useful cause - saving forests. Trees are a source of oxygen. Help in landing them and preserving the beauty of the planet. Find out how you can do it.

How to take part in a forest planting
How to take part in a forest planting


Step 1

Follow the announcements of public organizations and environmental associations about leaving for tree planting. They can be posted in newspapers, on the Internet, on television and radio, or simply pasted on street spaces for information. Write down the phone number of the organizers, the date and place of the cleanup. Also familiarize yourself with the conditions of transportation of those wishing to take part in the planting of the forest to the destination and back. Find out if food will be provided. If not, you should take care of these points in advance.

Step 2

Contact the forestry and offer your help in reforestation. Forestry addresses and telephone numbers can be found on the Internet. Pay special attention to forests affected by fires. Here your strength is needed more than ever.

Step 3

Check out the tree planting rules. Ecologists and foresters will help you to get comfortable on the spot, but it is important to read the relevant literature first or talk to experts on the forums dedicated to forest saving. The faster you can plant the trees correctly, the more you can do.

Step 4

Prepare. You will need work clothes that are comfortable and suitable for the weather. Find out the forecast in advance and choose the right option. These can be simple trousers, a T-shirt, a windbreaker, a hat and boots, sneakers or sneakers. Purchase an insect repellent spray that repels mosquitoes and ticks. Take mittens and a shovel with you.

Step 5

Infect your friends and acquaintances with the enthusiasm. This will do even more to save the forests. Prepare your case for a pro-environmental stance ahead of time to make your speech sound more convincing. You will see that there are very few indifferent people, just some people have no time to look for the necessary information, and they need some kind of impetus to action. Be that kind of catalyst.

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