Makarevich And "Time Machine": How It All Began

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Makarevich And "Time Machine": How It All Began
Makarevich And "Time Machine": How It All Began

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"Do you remember how it all began, everything was for the first time and again …" - is sung in one of the time-tested hits of the Time Machine group. Now the songs of "Time Machine" are considered recognized classics of Russian rock, however, it was once an amateur group that imitated English-speaking groups.

Makarevich and
Makarevich and


Step 1

It all began in 1968, when young Andrei Makarevich heard the songs of The Beatles. It was then that he came up with the idea to create his own rock group in Moscow school №19. Initially, it did not even have a name, and its first participants were two guitarists - Andrei Makarevich and Mikhail Yashin - and two vocalists - Larisa Kashperko and Nina Baranova. Later, two newcomers appeared in the class where Makarevich studied - Yuri Borzov and Igor Mazayev. Both were actively interested in rock music and soon became full members of the group, which, by that time, received the name The Kids. Borzov invited his friend Sergei Kawagoe to the group, at whose insistence both soloists were soon fired.

Step 2

According to Andrei Makarevich, a turning point in the history of the group was the arrival of the VIA Atlanta school under the leadership of Alexander Sikorsky. Sikorsky allowed the guys to play several songs on professional equipment and even played along with them on the bass guitar. After that, the first line-up of the future famous group was formed, for which Yuri Borzov came up with the name Time Machines. The Kids were joined by Alexander Ivanov (rhythm guitar) and Pavel Rubin (bass guitar).

Step 3

However, immediately after the formation of the group, disagreements began over the repertoire. Most of the participants wanted to perform Beatles songs, and Makarevich insisted on turning to lesser-known English-language numbers. He motivated this by the fact that the members of the Beatles are too professional, and the newly-formed group can become a very pale copy of them. At the same time, the first album was recorded, which included 11 songs sung in English. Unfortunately, the recording has not been preserved.

Step 4

In 1971, when Andrei Makarevich and Yuri Borzov were already students of the Moscow Architectural Institute, they met Alexander Kutikov, who brought joyful, funny songs to the Time Machine repertoire. In the same year, the first concert of the group took place on the stage of the Energetik Palace of Culture, which is considered the cradle of Moscow rock.

Step 5

Until the mid-1970s, the main musicians of The Time Machine were Andrei Makarevich (guitar, vocals), Alexander Kutikov (bass guitar) and Sergei Kavagoe, who quickly mastered percussion instruments. The rest of the lineup was constantly undergoing changes.

Step 6

The name "Time Machine" was finally established in 1973. For a short time the soloist of the group was Alexey Romanov, who later founded the group "Resurrection". In 1975, Alexander Kutikov left the group, who could not find a common language with Sergei Kawagoe. Soon after his departure, Makarevich and Kawagoe found a new guitarist, Yevgeny Margulis, who began writing and performing blues melodies.

Step 7

In 1978, Alexander Kutikov, who was playing at that time in the group "Leap Summer", got a job in the speech studio of GITIS. At the request of Makarevich, he organized the recording of the album "Time Machines", copies of which were distributed throughout the country and brought the group real fame. In 1992, on the basis of a copy accidentally preserved in the collection of Alexander Gradsky, an album was published, entitled "It was so long ago …"

Step 8

In 1979, a split occurred in the group, as a result of which Margulis and Kawagoe moved to the Resurrection group. But Alexander Kutikov returned to the "Time Machine", who brought drummer Valery Efremov with him. A professional pianist Pyotr Podgordetsky was invited to the group as a keyboard player.In this line-up "Time Machine" has prepared a new concert program. It includes such future hits as "Pivot", "Whom did you want to surprise", "Candle". In the same year, the group began working at Rosconcert.

Step 9

The growing popularity of the Time Machine group was facilitated by its participation in the films directed by Alexander Stefanovich "Soul" and "Start over". In the latter, Andrei Makarevich played the main role, which became, in fact, autobiographical. In 1986, when the film "Start over" was released on the screens of the country, the "Melodiya" company released the first official album of the "Time Machine" group, called "Good Hour". After him was recorded a double album "Rivers and Bridges". Thus, Andrei Makarevich and "Machine of Time" managed to become the first stars of Russian rock music.

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