What Films About Werewolves Can You Watch

What Films About Werewolves Can You Watch
What Films About Werewolves Can You Watch

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Movies about werewolves, as a rule, turn out to be bright, spectacular, dynamic and very interesting. The genre features of films about werewolves can be different. So, some films are horror, others look with a touch of comedy or adventure. There are several pictures that can be seen by an avid film lover.

What films about werewolves can you watch
What films about werewolves can you watch

"The Wolf Man" is a picture in which the storyline with a werewolf is very vividly shown. The main character returns from the USA to Great Britain, alarmed by the news of his brother's disappearance. The local police have their own worries: someone attacks people and leaves behind only torn corpses. Investigation of the murders begins, the culprit of which is a mystical creature.

Many people know the famous "Twilight" saga. This series of films will tell about the eternal confrontation between vampires and werewolves. The classic love triangle is presented here in a new light: a vampire and a werewolf fight for the love of the mortal girl Bella.

A similar film of this genre can be called a picture called "Blood and Chocolate". This film can be seen not only for fans of werewolf paintings, but also for everyone who likes beautiful dynamic shooting.

There is a film about the war of werewolves and vampires. "Another World" offers the viewer a classic action movie with mystical heroes. At the head of the vampires is the fearless Selina. She is convinced that werewolves have a secret weapon: an invincible monster, created from the DNA of a young man named Michael.

Fans of films about werewolves can watch a picture called "Werewolves". The plot of the film is interesting. Rachel (one of the main characters in the picture) lives with her son Timothy with the relatives of her deceased husband. But this is not an ordinary family, but werewolves, like the entire population of the town. Many of the residents want to get rid of their bestial nature. There is a legend that a child of an animal and a man can help them in this.

Another film about mystical creatures is called “Werewolves”. The plot consists in the fact that the heroes are attacked by an unknown beast. People manage to survive, but they turn into werewolves. Now they will have to join the pack in order to adapt to their unprecedented strength and new way of life.

There are other werewolf movies that you can watch. The film "Silver Bullet" can be attributed to the old classics, and the film "American Werewolf in Paris" tells about werewolves in the capital of France.

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