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Which Celebrities Died In
Which Celebrities Died In

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Death does not sleep, and every day famous people leave life. 2014 began not so long ago, but, despite this, many famous people in Russia and the world have already managed to replenish the "sad" list of the dead.

Which celebrities died in 2014
Which celebrities died in 2014

World losses

The list of deceased foreign celebrities in 2014 was opened by Eisibio de Silva Ferreira (January 25, 1942 - January 5, 2014). He is well known to people who are fond of football, as he was a legend of this sport. His main achievement was to become the first famous Portuguese footballer. In 1966, Eisibio won the bronze medal at the World Championship. Died on January 5 from acute heart failure.

On January 11, the 15th Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon passed away (February 27, 1928 - January 11, 2014), who for many years occupied a prominent place in world politics. By the way, few people know that Sharon comes from a Russian family. At birth, he had the surname Sheinerman. He went down in history as a talented politician because Sharon served as foreign minister. The most famous Israeli died of heart failure.

On the same day, January 11, Vugar Gashimov (July 24, 1986 - January 11, 2014), an Azerbaijani chess player, died. He repeatedly won chess competitions in his native country, was a grandmaster. Died of brain cancer in Germany.

The famous writer Gabriel García Márquez (March 6, 1928 - April 17, 2014) also passed away. This Colombian writer, author of many novels, including One Hundred Years of Solitude, died on April 17 in Mexico. Marquez was the most prominent representative of magical realism in literature.

On July 7, Eduard Shevardnadze died (January 25, 1928 - July 7, 2014) - a prominent Georgian politician, during whose presidency Georgia was visited by global changes. With him, the country experienced the collapse of the Union. Shevardnadze died after a long illness at his Tbilisi residence.

And what in Russia

In Russia, 2014 was also marked by losses. Alexander Alexandrovich Ponomarev (September 10, 1921 - January 17, 2014) passed away on January 17. Ponomarev was a Soviet military leader, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, a full holder of the Order of Glory.

On March 12, Russian poetess Inna Lisnyanskaya (June 24, 1998 - March 12, 2014), a native of the city of Baku, the wife of Semyon Lipkin, died. She passed away in Israel, in the city of Haifa.

The Russian champion, weight-lifter Eduard Akhramenko passed away on March 28. He lived and trained in Kaliningrad, where he was considered the pride of the city. Eduard Akhramenko was 33 years old.

Benedict Sarnov (January 4, 1927 - April 20, 214) - Soviet and Russian literary critic - died on April 20 in Moscow, where he lived all his life. Over the years, he worked for the newspapers Pioneer, Ogonyok, Literaturnaya Gazeta, etc.

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