Kovnir Alla Grigorievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Kovnir Alla Grigorievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Kovnir Alla Grigorievna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Alla Kovnir is a famous Russian artist and vocal performer. In 2005, she starred in the television series "The Return of Mukhtar", this role brought the actress the greatest popularity.

Kovnir Alla Grigorievna: biography, career, personal life
Kovnir Alla Grigorievna: biography, career, personal life


The future actress was born in February 1975 on the third day in the small Russian town of Elektrougli. Since childhood, the girl was very artistic, she easily memorized poems and read them with pleasure to her relatives. She sang songs and performed in school theatrical performances. Alla was greatly influenced by her uncle, Ivan Kovnir-Poltavsky, a famous Russian composer.

Alla was good at performing on stage at school, but it was more of a hobby. Of all the subjects in the school curriculum, she liked biology the most. She spent a lot of extra time in the biology office. She also independently engaged in selection in a home greenhouse, after graduating from school she dreamed of enrolling in a biological one, and later connecting her life with the breeding of new plants.

The grandiose plans of young Alla were not destined to come true. When a casting for a Moscow theater took place in her hometown, Alla's parents decided to take this chance and took their daughter to a viewing. The auditions were crowned with success, the girl easily coped with the set introductions and was accepted into the team.

From the age of twelve, she became an important figure in the troupe and performed the main roles in the productions of the theater for young spectators. The troupe regularly went on tour, during which time Alla managed to visit abroad: in Great Britain, France and Germany.

After leaving school, Kovnir tried to enter the Moscow Art Theater, but she failed to pass the entrance tests. After that, she got a job as an administrator in Moscow and the next year again made an attempt to connect her life with art, but this time she submitted documents to GITIS and was able to break into an experimental musical course.


After graduation, Alla got a job at the theater on Pokrovka, where she has been working for five years. In 2001, she made her film debut. Alla's first role is the girl Nadine in the crime film "Parisian Antique". The following year, she starred in the television series Life Goes On.

In 2004, Alla successfully auditioned for the role of Brusnikina in the popular television series The Return of Mukhtar. After four seasons, Kovnir left the project and is now starring in other TV series and films.

She is also engaged in musical creativity. In 2010, she recorded and released her debut album entitled "The Way Home". In 2017, she, in a duet with the famous Russian chanson performer Gennady Zharov, recorded a joint disc "One Destiny".

Personal life

The famous actress is married to the Russian composer Oleg Molchanov, the stellar husband and wife have a son, Gleb.

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