How To Find Out The History Of The Genus

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How To Find Out The History Of The Genus
How To Find Out The History Of The Genus

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Unfortunately, you and I are not English monarchs, and the history of our family is much worse known, most likely, for most of us, it ends with our great-grandmothers. But what, or rather, who was before? Who were these people, what did they do, what did they dream about? Maybe they even left a significant mark on the history of their country or their city. If you are interested, then go ahead!

It is natural for everyone to remember and be interested in their ancestors
It is natural for everyone to remember and be interested in their ancestors

It is necessary

Stationery - pens, pencils, notebooks, plastic envelopes and folders for storing documents, a camera, a voice recorder


Step 1

First, sort out all your old photos and unnecessary documents at home. Put everything aside - old certificates, certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, work books. Take copies of all these documents, if the photos are in poor condition, it is better to scan them. Now put all these artifacts in separate envelopes, depending on the relative to whom they belong. That is, each envelope is for one person. Sign names and surnames. Take two folders and put all the envelopes with maternal relatives in one, and in the other - on the paternal side. Make an inventory of all documents and photographs in each folder.

Step 2

Start getting information from live sources. Start with parents and grandparents, then include all other relatives. Ask at any opportunity, by phone, at a party, write letters with questions, use e-mail. Take a dictaphone and a camera to personal meetings, then write everything down and organize it again by envelopes. Questions should be asked something like this:

Surname, name, patronymic of the person himself, as well as the full name of his parents;

Year of birth;

Place of residence;

Where did you work;

What awards, orders, titles does he have;

Whether he participated in the war and the like.

Step 3

After you've gathered all the information you can, start building your family tree. Designate yourself with the trunk, the two most basic branches are your parents, the thinner branches are grandparents, and so on. Draw all relatives, living and not living.

Step 4

If you are not very good at drawing, you can create such a tree in a computer program. There are some pretty decent free programs you can find on the Internet. All you need to do is enter the correct information, and then print the resulting drawing. You can donate such trees to all your relatives. Surely they will be very pleased to learn the story of their kind from you, especially since they also put their efforts into this.

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