Characterization Of Management As A Process

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Characterization Of Management As A Process
Characterization Of Management As A Process
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There are no companies that can work successfully without managers. This profession includes the functions of a salesperson, organizer, and manager. Is it thanks to her that the process of management at the enterprise takes place?

Characterization of management as a process
Characterization of management as a process


Step 1

The manager must recruit working personnel, define their terms of reference, monitor the professional suitability of workers and timely payment of wages. Hierarchical relationships are built between employees and work is carried out to motivate personnel. The manager must have a subtle sense of the interests of his subordinates and be able to encourage them to high productivity. At the same time, the work takes into account the personal data and abilities of each of the employees: their achievements and the most effective field of activity.

Step 2

Goals are set and a strategy is developed. The plan is being implemented.

Effective management implies the optimal use of resources to achieve the goals set. At the same time, the main task is the continuity of the process and the purposeful achievement of the planned sales volumes. The goal of management is to constantly strive for profit and increase production volumes, while minimizing costs and possible additional costs.

Step 3

Analysis is underway. The company constantly makes forecasts in which directions development is possible, and is looking for ways to achieve maximum profit growth. The firm evaluates its achievements and shortcomings, and also strives to take into account the interests of the main consumers. The key issues that management takes into account are the activities of competitive organizations, the economic conditions in the country, and in some cases the foreign policy situation. The management aims to predict risks and achieve stability in the face of constantly changing market conditions of competitors.

Step 4

Organization and control over the efficiency of the enterprise. The tasks of management include organizing the smooth operation of the enterprise. Particular attention should be paid to raising the level of qualifications. The activities of the company should be carried out in accordance with the accepted standards and be conducted taking into account the main goals of the enterprise. The manager should strive to be impartial and at the same time demanding of the working staff, as well as to create the most comfortable working conditions.

Step 5

Development of the enterprise for the future. Management involves the development of a concept for the development of the company. The market is monitored, there is a constant analysis of the work of competitors and consumer demand. Based on these data, short-term and long-term plans are built, and the necessary resources are being sought for their implementation. At the same time, the profit of the company largely depends on production and marketing activities. To do this, it is necessary to take into account the costs of financing and labor costs, time costs, and, inter alia, strive to reduce the cost of electricity and materials required for production.

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