How To Obtain Russian Citizenship For A Ukrainian

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How To Obtain Russian Citizenship For A Ukrainian
How To Obtain Russian Citizenship For A Ukrainian

Video: How To Obtain Russian Citizenship For A Ukrainian

Video: How To Obtain Russian Citizenship For A Ukrainian
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The procedure for obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation by citizens of Ukraine does not differ from the generally accepted one for immigrants from most of the CIS countries. It depends on the grounds for obtaining Russian citizenship in each specific case. On this issue, you should contact the FMS or the consulate of the Russian Federation.

How to obtain Russian citizenship for a Ukrainian
How to obtain Russian citizenship for a Ukrainian

It is necessary

  • - grounds for obtaining citizenship;
  • - legal residence in the Russian Federation for at least 5 years or a diploma from a Russian professional educational institution;
  • - a package of documents in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Migration Service or a consular institution.


Step 1

In most cases, foreigners should first obtain a temporary residence permit. To do this, you need to contact the FMS branch serving the address of his intended residence in the Russian Federation. This can be the housing of relatives, their own (in this case, the least problems) or rented, if the owners do not mind the registration of a temporary residence permit and subsequently a residence permit (it will not be easy to find such).

In addition to providing the necessary documents, you will need to undergo a medical examination. A temporary residence permit is given for three years, then it must be extended for the same period, for which it is necessary to confirm the availability of funds for a year of residence in Russia (a certificate from a bank or from work).

Step 2

There is a classic scheme for obtaining Russian citizenship for all those who can freely express themselves in Russian. A person who wants to obtain citizenship should not have a criminal record. He must have lived in the Russian Federation for at least 5 years. Moreover, he must live on legal terms. Instead of proof of residence, a person can provide a diploma stating that he was trained in one of the universities in Russia not earlier than 2002. There is a special procedure for obtaining citizenship for graduates. In addition to all this, those wishing to obtain Russian citizenship must provide a complete list of documents that meet the requirements of the migration service.

Step 3

First, you must visit the migration service and indicate your status. You must take into account the specifics of the region where you are going to live, indicate to the migration service the period for which you would like to stay in Russia. It is necessary to indicate the composition of your family, as well as your professional capabilities. You will need to indicate your place of residence. This can be rented accommodation. But in this case, you need to look for such landlords who will agree to make a temporary registration for you and your family members. Otherwise, being in the Russian Federation will be illegal. You can stay with relatives and ask them to register. Or you can register in a refugee camp. The Migration Service carefully monitors the number of refugees in Russia. In addition, refugees have a higher chance of getting help from the state faster.

Step 4

The biggest problem arises with the basis for the stay of Ukrainian citizens on the territory of Russia. As a rule, having arrived for the first time, a Ukrainian thinks that he can easily stay in the country forever without any difficulties. But the migration service provides only 5 options for staying in the country. New arrivals can stay in the country for up to 90 days. No documents other than registration with the migration service are required. After 90 days, a citizen of Ukraine can extend his legal stay in the country for another period not exceeding 90 days. The law of the Russian Federation allows an unlimited number of extensions to stay in the country throughout the entire military conflict on the territory of Ukraine. You can contact the migration service with a request to provide temporary asylum in the country. To do this, you will need to hand over your passport. But in return you will receive a certificate-certificate that gives you the right to work. In addition, this certificate provides its owners with benefits.

Step 5

You can get refugee status. It takes 3 months to complete. Upon receipt of this status, emigrants receive significant benefits in the following areas: various social benefits, the admissibility of renewal and the right to get a job. To obtain this status, you must submit an application to the FMS. For the entire period, the emigrant is provided with a certificate stating that the application is being considered. This document will need to be carried with you at all times as it belongs to the category of identity documents. Upon satisfying the application, the refugee receives a certificate, which is issued for an unlimited time. Refugee status can be appealed at any time.

Step 6

You can get a document on temporary residence in the country. A person can live, work and enjoy all the other benefits of a citizen of the Russian Federation, but only in the region where the temporary stay was registered.

You can get a patent for the work. A person will have to pay taxes once a year, he is allowed to get a job with both individuals and legal entities. The patent is issued for one year only.

Step 7

There is a simplified system for obtaining citizenship for Ukrainians. It is relevant for those who irrevocably decided to obtain Russian citizenship. If you know Russian well, once lived in Russia or have relatives with citizenship in the country, then you are eligible for this program. In order to launch this program, you must come to the migration service on any day, but no later than 75 days from the date of arrival, to submit documents. You will definitely need to pay a fee. After receiving temporary registration, you will be assigned a day for an interview, the purpose of which is to determine your level of Russian language proficiency. Upon its completion, a certificate is given. Next, you must apply for a residence permit for a period of 3 years. After that, you renounce the citizenship of Ukraine and apply for the citizenship of the Russian Federation. As a result, you will receive a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Step 8

There is a special procedure for graduates of Russian educational institutions. They should apply immediately on the issue of accepting citizenship to the consular offices of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, located in Kiev, Kharkov, Simferopol and Lvov - depending on the Ukrainian registration of the applicant.

You can get a list of necessary documents, requirements for them, find out the size of consular fees and the distribution of regions of the country by consular districts, in Russian diplomatic missions. There is this information on the website of the Russian Embassy in Kiev.