Anna Khilkevich: Biography, Personal Life, Family, Children

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Anna Khilkevich: Biography, Personal Life, Family, Children
Anna Khilkevich: Biography, Personal Life, Family, Children

Video: Anna Khilkevich: Biography, Personal Life, Family, Children

Video: Anna Khilkevich: Biography, Personal Life, Family, Children
Video: Анна Хилькевич: Биография, карьера, личная жизнь 2023, September

Most of us know Anna Khilkevich from the TV series "Univer" and "Barvikha". It was these works that made her famous, but the young actress also has other significant, interesting roles, experience as a TV presenter and DJ.

Anna Khilkevich: biography, personal life, family, children
Anna Khilkevich: biography, personal life, family, children

Behind the images of a cute and silly blonde hides a stubborn and active actress, TV presenter and DJ. There are many interesting events in the biography of Anna Khilkevich, she did not come to acting right away, having tried herself even in the field of economics. Little is known about her hobbies, personal life and family, as she stubbornly refuses to discuss her personal life with journalists and fans. Who is Anna Khilkevich? Well, certainly not a stupid blonde, confusing the pedals in the car!

Biography of actress Anna Khilkevich

Anya was born in St. Petersburg, in a family far from art. Anna's dad is a former military man who is successfully developing his own business. Mom is a former athlete who devoted herself entirely to family and children, who refused a rather successful start. There are three children in the family, Anya is the youngest of them. The date of birth of the actress is mid-October 1986.

Anna Khilkevich's path to the profession was rather difficult, despite the fact that she dreamed of acting since childhood. Already at preschool age, she amazed relatives and friends of the family with the ability to transform. The girl received excellent education:

  • Moscow school with a physics and mathematics bias,
  • Shchepkin Theater School,
  • Plekhanov University of Economics,
  • the famous "Pike", course of V. Ivanov

The future actress was literally "thrown" from one direction to another. Participation in "Sliver", she began filming a movie, for which she had to pick up documents and stop studying - such were the conditions of the educational institution.

Then Anya received an economic education, and received a red diploma. After graduating from Plekhanov's REU, the girl returned to the Shchepkinskoye School, immediately to the third year, successfully graduated from it and submitted documents to Pike. Anya came to acting with several diplomas and work experience on the set with quite famous actors.

Personal life of Anna Khilkevich

The personal life of this actress is no less stormy and interesting than her path into the profession. Her first husband was the project manager "Barvikha" Anton Pokrepa. But it cannot be said that the girl "jumped out" to get married - before the wedding, the young people had been dating for 4 years. The marriage took place in the spring of 2011, but a little over a year later, in November 2012, the couple announced their separation. Anna Khilkevich and Anton Pokrepa refused to discuss the reasons for the divorce with journalists, and this is their right.

Anya was alone for three years. Rumors about her new novels periodically appeared in the press, which she did not confirm and refused to comment on. In 2015, the actress married again - to a successful and wealthy businessman Volkov Arthur, and by the end of the year they had a daughter, Arianna. At the moment, the press is actively discussing the news of Anna Khilkevich's second pregnancy. The actress provided the information officially in order, according to her, to suppress gossip and speculation. However, the happy changes did not force her to give up filming - she is currently busy in several projects at once.

Family and children of Anna Khilkevich

Anna is one of the few actresses who manages to be an exemplary daughter, a good mother and wife, and a successful actress at the same time. There are 35 roles in her filmography. The most famous films and TV series with her participation:

  • "Firefighters"
  • "Barvikha"
  • "University. New hostel ",
  • "Yolki" 2, 5 and 2014,
  • "Diva",
  • "Snow Maiden",
  • “I remember, I don’t remember” and others.

Anna Khilkevich starred for the covers of the magazines "Maxim" and "Playboy", hosted television programs. Active work does not prevent her from devoting time to her family - parents, sister Natasha, brother Alexander, husband and daughter.

At the moment, Anna Khilkevich and her husband Artur Volkov live in the center of Moscow. In an apartment, but at the end of the year they plan to move to their own country house, the construction of which is being completed in the Moscow region. Anya is looking forward to moving, she is happy to discuss this with journalists, and shares a photo of the mansion with subscribers on social networks.

Anna Khilkevich is an excellent hostess - for repairs in an apartment on Khodynsky Boulevard, she herself developed a project, chose materials, and now she controls the finishing work in a country house. She combines all these chores with motherhood and a successful acting career.