Comfortable Stay In Kazan While Traveling

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Comfortable Stay In Kazan While Traveling
Comfortable Stay In Kazan While Traveling

Video: Comfortable Stay In Kazan While Traveling

Video: Comfortable Stay In Kazan While Traveling
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Many tourists dream of visiting Kazan. It is famous for the huge number of hotels located near each metro station.

Kazan hotels
Kazan hotels

The distance between the stations is only a few bus stops, which allows an inexperienced tourist to get around all the desired attractions and not get lost in the big city.

The number of hotels and hotels in Kazan reaches 375 units, and some of them are located a stone's throw from the metro entrance.

Kazan hotels in the center near the metro

  1. The Bulak Hotel is located in the center of Kazan. Has 26 comfortable rooms. The view from the windows is striking in its beauty and overlooks the banks of the Bulak River.
  2. Chaliapin Palace has 4 stars. Built in the style of Tatar traditions. Has 123 rooms, its own restaurant Capella. A free fitness center and indoor pool are available 24 hours a day for hotel guests.
  3. The Kazan Hotel has 4 stars. It has 215 rooms and its own business center. The only hostel in Kazan equipped with a helipad.
  4. The Giuseppe Hotel has 4 stars. Built 100 meters from the Kazan Kremlin. Built in Italian style. Famous for the buffet breakfast served for all guests.
  5. The Mirage Hotel has 5 stars. The Kazan Kremlin is visible from the hotel windows. For vacationers, there is a swimming pool with a sauna, a gym, and a massage room. It is famous for its center for businessmen, which provides a secretary and an interpreter.
  6. Hotel "Ibis Kazan Center". Provides free Wi-Fi. Each room is equipped with an LCD TV and refrigerator.

Hotels in Kazan near the metro

There are three great places to stay near this station:

  1. Life Hostel is located in one of the most peaceful districts of Kazan. The reception is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The hotel's rooms are simply decorated. Each room has its own balcony. Kazan-2 railway station is located 1, 5 km from the hotel. The distance to the metro station is 500 meters.
  2. Hotel "Cosmos". Has its own restaurant, the menu of which has a dietary section, a spa center, a fitness room and provides free Wi-Fi for guests. Each hotel room is equipped with an electric kettle, refrigerator and TV. The Wings of the Soviets park is located near the hotel.
  3. Dispensary KMPO provides a variety of treatments, including an indoor pool, hydromassage and sauna. Each room has its own bathtub, and the appliances include a TV and refrigerator. The dispensary is located 10 minutes walk from the metro station.

There are two hotels in the vicinity of the Severnyi vokzal station:

  1. Hotel "Ducat" has 3 stars, its own individual style and is located in a quiet area. The reception is open 24 hours a day. Each room is equipped with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, LCD TV. There is a mini bar.
  2. Hotel complex "Dune" is located 500 meters from the metro station, has its own parking and provides guests with free Wi-Fi. Each room is equipped with a TV and air conditioning, and guests will find new towels in the bathtub.

There are two hotels near the metro station:

  1. Apartments on Serova are located not far from the Zilantova Gora, on which the ancient Holy Dormition Monastery is located.
  2. Yin-Yang Hotel. The Kazan Kremlin and the Syuyumbike tower are located two kilometers from this mini-hotel.
  3. Hostel "Amaks Safar" is located in a huge building and has a panoramic view from the windows. Has its own nightclub, restaurant, sauna and bowling alley.
  4. Hostel "Kukuruza". Has a shared kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals, as well as a shared bathroom. There are common living rooms and private rooms.
  5. The Relita-Kazan boasts its own restaurant. Each room is equipped with an LCD TV and a private bathroom with shower.
  6. Hostel "Orange" is located near the Riviera water park. There is a distribution of free Wi-Fi.

Below are the comfortable hotels in Kazan, located next to the Sukonnaya Sloboda metro:

  1. Suleiman Palace Hotel has 4 stars, its own restaurant and health club. A buffet is served every morning for hotel guests. There is free parking.
  2. Hotel "Yal on Kalinina" was built in classical style. Rooms are equipped with an electric kettle and a private bathroom with new amenities.
  3. Hotel IT Park is located in a building built in the 18th century. Each hotel room is equipped with its own kitchenette. Free Wi-Fi is available.
  4. Hotel Staraya Karta Kazan is located on the shore of Lake Kaban. Has dorms and private rooms with free Wi-Fi.
  5. Ametyevo Hostel "On Rotornaya" is located near the Riviera. Each room is equipped with an LCD TV with cable channels. Has its own bar and parking.
  6. Apartment Na Karbysheva. Each room is equipped with a kitchen, private bathroom and free Wi-Fi.
  7. Hostel "On Ametyevo" will delight its guests with its own bathroom and kitchen in each residence. The hostel provides free internet.

There is only one Sweet House hotel built near the Gorki metro. The hostel offers guests a bar, a sauna with hot tubs. The hotel for dating assumes accommodation of guests with pets.

Many hotel houses in Kazan are located near metro stations, which makes your stay comfortable and your trip unforgettable.