How To Dress For Baptism

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How To Dress For Baptism
How To Dress For Baptism

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Baptism is an important church ritual in which a child or adult becomes a member of the Church. The importance of such a bright holiday is celebrated both in Catholic Christianity and in Orthodoxy. If you are going to baptize your child or attend baptism as godmother, then you need to dress appropriately. So how do you dress so as not to feel uncomfortable within the walls of the church?

How to dress for baptism
How to dress for baptism


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If you are going to christening, give up open-cut blouses, jeans and short skirts. It is best to wear a dress with a long skirt and elbow-length sleeves, or a long skirt with a sweater. The color of the clothes can be any, but you yourself will feel more comfortable in a dress of modest shades. It is better to tie a scarf or scarf on the head of the mother or godmother, because visiting the Temple of the Lord with an uncovered head is inadmissible according to the canons of Orthodoxy.

Step 2

When going to a christening, give up flashy makeup, especially lipstick. During the ritual, the priest will ask the godmother to kiss the cross, and doing this with painted lips is simply not permissible. Also, remove jewelry (earrings, bracelets, etc.), but be sure to wear a cross. It is very important that you feel comfortable in your clothes, not distracted from the sacred ordinance and not distract other people.

Step 3

It is also very important to take care of the clothing for the baby you will be baptizing. The child should be dressed in new clothes, preferably in light colors. During the baptism, the priest will smear the legs and arms of the child, so it is better to bare them right away. If you are baptizing a very small infant, then it should be wrapped in a canopy. Kryzhma is a white diaper or towel, which the godmother acquires before the christening.

Step 4

If an adult is going to be baptized, then he is recommended to put on a long shirt or light shirt. Such a garment can be purchased directly before the ritual in the church itself. Also, don't forget to bring some flip flops and a towel to dry off after the three dives. It is customary to keep the shirt in which a person crosses himself.

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