Signs And Superstitions About A Wedding Dress

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Signs And Superstitions About A Wedding Dress
Signs And Superstitions About A Wedding Dress

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A wedding is a very important and reverent event in the life of any girl. Special attention is paid to the wedding dress as a symbol of the bride and the main festive accessory. It is with him that most wedding signs are associated.

Signs and superstitions about a wedding dress
Signs and superstitions about a wedding dress

Despite the fact that signs and superstitions are gradually receding into the past, many couples prefer to pay tribute to tradition and attach importance to even small details. Undoubtedly, such a serious step as marriage is worth paying attention to the signs that have been going on from time immemorial.

New dress

The most common omen says that the dress must be new, as it is believed that it can absorb the energy of the bride. If you rent a dress from a friend, buy it hand-held, you can incur troubles and problems in the marriage of the previous bride. If the girl giving the dress had quarrels with her spouse, betrayal and financial problems in the family, then by taking her dress, you can bring these troubles to your family. For the same reason, it is not recommended to sell, give away, or throw away your wedding dress after the celebration. This is also a bad sign associated with the energy of the thing, the bride and her marriage.

Also, the bride cannot sew a dress for herself or entrust this business to someone from her family. There is a belief that a bride or her loved ones can "sew up" their happiness and prevent family well-being from taking place.

It is imperative to take into account the style of the dress; long outfits are chosen for a wedding for a reason, as this symbolizes a long and long life together in marriage. A non-one-piece wedding outfit, such as a skirt and top separately, can lead to a separate life, apart, in infidelity and disagreement. The defiantly deep neckline and open back symbolize the frivolity and frivolity of the bride.

Dress color

The main element of a wedding dress is its color. And in this regard, the signs differ, because initially in Ancient Russia it was customary to get married in red dresses, which, according to legend, protected the girl walking down the aisle from the evil eye. Then, under the influence of European fashion, wedding dresses began to be chosen in white, it symbolized the purity and innocence of the bride. And the red color of wedding dresses has become a symbol of aggression, strife and divorce.

Only a slight decoration of the dress with a red detail is allowed, for example, a belt, which promises good luck to the newlyweds. And, naturally, in a white dress, you could get married only once, being an innocent girl. For subsequent marriages, it was recommended to choose other colors.

It is categorically impossible to be on the wedding day in a black dress, as this is the color of mourning and sorrow. A black dress will bring widowhood on a girl, or a spouse's illness. Blue is the color of indifference and indifference, so it is also not recommended to choose it as a color for a wedding dress. A gray dress can lead a couple to divorce, a green one, being a symbol of modesty, will attract money problems to the family.

The blue outfit signifies marital infidelity, yellow and gold - promises the family a lot of tears and sadness. The beige or cream color has the same meaning, despite the tenderness of the shade. According to other opinions, the golden color of the dress promises success in the careers of the spouses and wealth.

Orange has a positive value when choosing flowers for a dress; it predicts a comfortable life for newlyweds and a high position in society. The purple and lilac color of the dress, suggesting strong and mutual love of the spouses, will also help make the marriage successful.

Fitting a dress

You cannot involve relatives in the process of putting on the dress. Bridesmaids should help the bride to wear a wedding dress.A friend who is happily married must definitely take some accessory, it can be a brooch, earrings or hairpin, except for a veil and gloves - the bride should keep these things at home. It is unacceptable to wear a dress over the legs, only over the head.

Signs are advised to be sensitive to the integrity and cleanliness of the wedding dress in order to avoid squabbles or painful neighborhood with an evil mother-in-law. Blood on the dress does not bode well, so piercing objects should be avoided when trying on and putting on.

If, nevertheless, the button comes off, it must be sewn on immediately with two stitches. An even number should also be in the number of buttons on the dress. It is advisable to choose an outfit without them at all. In addition to buttons, various knots and weaves are also not desirable, this will lead to confusion in the relationship. Knots are allowed only during fitting, any element with them must be put on under the dress to protect yourself from the evil eye. For the same purpose, both during fitting and during the ceremony, a pin is imperceptibly attached to the hem with its head inward.

Also, one should not allow girlfriends to straighten the dress, this bad omen says that they will constantly interfere with the bride's family life. When trying on, it is very important to leave the image unfinished; you should put aside any accessory - a glove, a shoe. This old omen means that a bride fully dressed in a wedding dress is considered to be married.

You can not let someone try on your dress and related accessories in order to avoid quarrels in marriage. And to avoid controversy, the groom should not see the outfit before the wedding ceremony. And in general, it is advisable not to show the outfit to anyone without unnecessary necessity.

Buying a wedding dress

There are many signs associated with buying a wedding dress. So, the future spouse must pay for the dress. If, nevertheless, the bride goes to buy, the payment procedure should be shifted to her friends or acquaintances, otherwise in the future she risks paying for family needs herself.

As for the signs associated with the days of the week, they recommend buying a veil on Tuesday, shoes on Friday, and the dress itself on Wednesday. Shoes for a wedding must be bought with closed toes. Sandals and open shoes worn at a wedding will lead to poverty and misery. The change left over from the purchase of a dress cannot be spent within three months from the date of purchase; during this time it must be saved and not used.

You cannot be photographed in a dress before the wedding, it is believed that this will scare off good luck and family happiness. It is necessary to store the dress before the celebration in the parental home, this will contribute to a long and happy married life. Ironing and hemming the bride's dress should be given to strangers, either in the atelier, in no case should the bride herself, or her mother or sister, take up this business.

The bride's dress is not only an adornment, but also her amulet, therefore, so many signs and superstitions are observed in order to protect the girl from negativity and envious eyes. Each couple dreams of harmony and peace in marriage and honors traditions in order to ensure a peaceful marriage. You should also not take omens too seriously and give up some details in favor of superstition. The wedding is the bride's day and the outfit should be to her heart.

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